Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Goodbye Madrid

Another let down to all Liverpool fans including me. Liverpool had just been knocked out of the UEFA Champions League despite winning away to Debrecen FC by 1-0 thanks to a goal by young Frenchman David Ngog. The match saw Liverpool played fluently and interchanging some neat passes. The breakthrough happened early in the match on the 4th minute as Fabio Aurelio teasing cross was met with a Jamie’s Carragher header and was put into the back of the net by a mere touch by David Ngog. That was a dream start for all Liverpool fans as Liverpool must secure a win and needing the help of Lyon to beat Fiorentina at Florence in order for Liverpool to have a glint of hope to reach the knock out stages.

But our fairy tale start ended as Fiorentina was given a penalty and Vargas put the ball pass the goalkeeper to put Fiorentina ahead by a goal. The goal had changed the atmosphere of the Liverpool fans as a win for Fiorentina will mean that Liverpool will fail to make it to the knock out stages for the first time in 5 years since the arrival of Rafael Benitez.

Sadly Liverpool dreams and the prayers of all the Liverpool fans was not answered as Lyon didn’t manage to equalise after going a goal down to Fiorentina. So goodbye to Madrid as Liverpool could only dream to watch the UEFA Champions League Finals at Madrid as Liverpool were knock out from the competition. Hope Liverpool can get back on their feet and Improve in the upcoming games.

Here are some pictures of the match.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Outing At Melaka Mall

It’s the school holidays and my friends and I planned to have a gathering at Melaka Mall. The agenda of the gathering was to welcome back our old friend who left us beginning of the year as he joined the boarding school. He was a nice lad and a good friend too. We used to spend most of our time together in school and he often stopped by my place to hang out and have some fun.

It was a Saturday and my friends were busy planning the schedule for the whole outing. I was anxious as it had been months since I saw him. The previous meeting was a rather brief one as I was forced to make a move as I was busy on that day. So I finally have the opportunity to meet and spend some time with my long departed friend. So I was pondering what to wear I and eventually put on my new shoes. My newly bought Adidas Questra.

The outing started at 11 in the morning as we all met at the opening of the mall waiting for one another to arrive. When all arrived we head to the Cineplex to get some ticket’s as we were about to watch the latest blockbuster of the year 2012. The movies will commence at 12.30 and we still had half an hour to ourselves.

So we decided to have our lunch at McDonald’s as it was 12 noon and they are having the McValue Lunch meal. Everything was rather cheap but something caught my attention. My favourite Prosperity Burger was once again on the menu and I didn’t think twice before ordering it. I love that burger pretty much and it is only on the menu on certain occasion usually during the Chinese festive season. The meal was pretty good but we all were forced to eat fast as the movie was about to start. By the time we finished eating, it was already 12.30.

We rushed to the Cineplex and the movie was minutes away from commencing. Some of my friends took the liberty to get some popcorn as they said “Watching a movie is not perfect without popcorn”. Pretty lame isn’t it? So we watched the movie but I was annoyed by the fact that the audience behind me was shoving my seat and it was pretty irritating. The movie lasted very long approximately 2 hours and 40 minutes. Nevertheless it was an awesome movie.

Once the movie ended, we hit the arcade and played the famous Daytona. Well I admit that I was really bad in that game but nevertheless I still enjoyed it. Then we loitered around the entire mall. We really enjoyed ourselves and that was one of the best outing I ever went in my entire life. Cheers!!

Just Not Good Enough

Well the exams are over and it is time to face the results. I knew I didn't do well in a few of my subjects like History and Biology. So I just prayed for the best result I can get. So when I got back my papers, I was fairly surprised with the results as I obtained an A- for both the subjects. It was an awesome achievement for me as I find it difficult to score in the 2 subjects. The other subjects were to perfection and the sole remaining result that I haven't get was English. So with this results, I was pretty confident that I had aced my finals with flying colours as I thought that my English will be a sure A as I converse English among my friends and family members. So I was in ecstasy as the holidays draw closer. Nevertheless I was still waiting for my English paper. So one day my friends and I were having a conversation about our results and mine seems the best among the rest of them. So I said this, " If I don't get an A for my English, I commit suicide" since i was pretty confident that I will ace that too. Little did I know that I really didn't get an A for my English.

On eve of the long school holidays and it started off pretty bad as my English teacher said that i did very badly in my English paper. My teacher was forced to give me an extra mark in order for me to get the A- I needed to complete my full set of As in my finals. Well I was grateful that she gave me that 'pity' mark but i cannot accept the fact that i nearly failed it. Getting a B for English is considered a failure to me as I had converse the language ever since I was a small kid. So the final day of school was solemn as I cannot get over my poor results for my English. To make matters worse, I will not be able to see my friends for a long period of time. The day was pretty horrible as the teachers are having a meeting and being a school prefect we had to stand-in for the teachers to ensure that the students are safe. Lame isn't it? Last day of school and we have to do that.

When I was at home, it never got better as I was lonely and all I can hear is noises made by the nursery next door. It's pretty disturbing as I was trying to calm down after getting the most horrible results in my life. Then suddenly the phone rang and it was Matt who called. He gave me a glint of hope as he informed me that i got 7th in my form. It was an achievement for me as I never obtain such a high position before in my finals. So I leaped with joy. My heart was back to normal and I was relieved.

Then my mom came back from work and the first thing she asked “What did you get for your English?”. So I told her that I got an A- and I also included that I got 7th in my form. Nevertheless she went mad. All of the sudden she started scolding me. She told that it was a disgrace that i just managed to obtain an A- for my English as I had converse the language ever since young. She didn't even care that I was hurt by the fact that I did badly for my English. It was as though she was the only one disappointed. I was even more disappointed than her actually. She just rubbed salt into my open wound when i still haven't really accept the fact that i failed it. She didn't even praise me for getting 7th in my form. Isn't that good enough?  I am just not good enough in her eyes.

Monday, November 23, 2009

My First of Many

Well this is my first time blogging and I basically don't know what to write about. However I think this blog will the first of many as I am beginning to have the interest to blog. Since it's the school holidays, I will have more time to spend blogging as this school holidays seems to be a dreadful one as I am forced to spend my time alone without a single companion. My sister doesn’t seem to be able to spend time with me as she is often away.

So during the holidays, I hope I will be able to gain some benefits from blogging and who knows I can be able to make some new friends through blogging as blogging is rather popular nowadays among people. I once saw a young lad younger than me blogging in my school library and it was rather insane in my eyes as I don't understand the benefits of blogging. Well now i am wrong. I am getting the hang of blogging as it ain't that bad. Well I hope my English is good enough for all those readers as I am not a good writer in my younger days. I hope it had improved though. 

So, I would like to end this first post of mine with a sincere gratitude to those bloggers who will be reading my post. I hope I am on a right track for blogging. Cheers