Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Rafael Benitez's First Year

Rafael Benitez had made many histories in the Liverpool's book since the day he signed on for Liverpool in the year 2004. Here are some pictures of his first season at Liverpool which saw him lifting the UEFA Champions League Trophy
2004: A new dawn
2004: Rafa welcomes a record signing, but the deal was done long before his arrival
(Djibril Cisse)
2004: The Spanish revolution begins
(From Left: Luis Garcia, Xabi Alonso)
2004: Neil Mellor scores one of the most iconic goals of the decade, a last-minute winner against Arsenal
2004: You beauty...Stevie G sends us into the knockout stages of the Champions League with a stunner versus Olympiacos

2005: The Rafa pay tribute to the gaffer in Cardiff before the League Cup final

2005: Just like the good old days - the Kop gears up for the greatest night of its decade as Mourinho and co arrive for the Champions League semis

2005: Luis Garcia tucks home the winner

2005: Who's the special one now, Jose?

2005: Kopites make their way to the Ataturk as Liverpool prepare for their first European Cup final in 20 years

2005: The comeback begins

2005: A night for heroes...Carra collapses with cramp after ANOTHER last-ditch intervention

2005: No caption necessary

2005: Dudek saves from Shevchenko and the cup is coming home for keeps

2005: The greatest night of Liverpool's history
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TORRES, You Are My Hero

This is one hell of a match as I saw Liverpool fought to the last minute to salvage the 3 points that’s needed badly to boost Liverpool up the field. Well this short blog post is dedicated to Fernando Torres the living legend of Liverpool as he scored his 50th league goal for Liverpool in 72 league matches beating the record formerly set by the legendary Ian Rush.

Fernando scored an important goal to grab 3 points away from Aston Villa in the dying minutes of second half. Boy it was an anxious ending for all Liverpool fans as The Villains were attacking throughout the final  4 minutes of stoppage time as the score line was still 0-0. Then the breakthrough came when Torres broke free from the Villa’s defence and score the ever important goal for Liverpool to secure 3 points for the scousers.

The match was dominated by Liverpool as they dominated ball possession and controlled the match with tidy passes but the final pass was missing. It had been games since Liverpool played this well and I was glad to see this form back in Liverpool. Aquilani started his second successive game of the season. In my opinion he did pretty well with quick passes and a couple of one-two with his fellow teammates.

On the whole, Liverpool deserved to win the match as they dominated the entire game as Villa managed to forced only a couple of saves from Pepe Reina. It was a good game and personally I hope this form will carry on. You'll Never Walk Alone!!!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

It's Christmas Day

Well Jesus Christ was born today in Bethlehem today 2009 years ago. And yes, it’s Christmas time. Woohoo!!!It’s the day to celebrate with our friends and family. So we had to wake up early today as we have some light work to do and my sister and I had to prepare our lasagna. So we prepared our ingredients while my sister cooked the sauce and all. She is a really good cook. We had to prepare 3 plates of lasagne and it wasn’t easy.

Halfway through cooking, the bottle of pasta sauce just fell onto the floor. We weren’t sure whose fault was it but it could be me as I was chopping some meat. It might have moved then. Boy a lot of sauce was wasted and now we are short of pasta sauce. So my mom decided to get some more sauce as she was about to go out to get some presents. So she called me to follow her so that I could help her choose her presents.

So we reached Jusco and we hurriedly when to choose our presents. Mom as usual was being fickle minded was pondering to buy the presents as she was spoilt for choice whether to get some chocolates or some Christmas snow globes. It took mom and hour to ponder about whether to get the chocolate or the snow globes. It was sickening but I have to accept my mom for who she is.

After shopping, we headed home and cooked more food as I await my friends as they were about to come. A few of my friends like the lights of Pravin, Shin Yee, Alvin and company. So Kaysha and Shyre May were the first guests to arrive. Kay got me this beautiful yet simple photo frame and I really liked it. So they had some cookies, homemade mind you. Lol!!

An hour later or so, Matthew and Viknesh came. They too had some cookies and we all eventually went to my room to play PS. The girls were self occupied talking to each other. Boy I was a bad host. The guys played some games while the girls and I was busy with the computer. Haha!!! So we didn’t really do much and it was a pretty hot day too. Not long after, they left. So I took my rest and napped for an hour.

After that, it was my parents’ friends who flooded the house. They were enjoying themselves while I sat and talked to my mom’ friend’s daughter. Boy it was hard talking to her as we had a different wavelength but I just carried on as people might think that I am boastful by not talking to them. So I did until they left. Phew. I am glad. Haha!!! After all the visitors left, my dad and I mopped the floor and basically that summed up my day. Merry Christmas everyone!!!

The Night Before Christmas

It was 24th December and everyone was anxious about Christmas as it was Christmas Eve. I was in church as usual serving as a warden. But this time was different as this mass is much more grand and bigger. So it was rather hard to serve as I don’t want to be a laughing stock by making a mistake while I am serving.

Well the mass started off quite late and I had nothing much to do in the early minutes. So I managed to have some words with Abby and friends as we were anxious about Christmas. As soon as the mass commence, Joel Came up to me and volunteered himself to be a warden. Well I was glad as I was the only one youth serving there. The mass was pretty long and we had to toll the bell when the mass was due to end. Boy I tell you that tolling the bell is one hard thing to do. It needed the strength of 5 men to toll the bell. So just imagine how hard it was. Lol!!!

After the mass, my family, my sister’s friends and I all stay put to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. So I went around myself greeting and wishing everyone so including Abby( My date for I-Night) and a few other friends. It was good times as everyone was smiling and I can bet there wasn’t one soul around the church with sad looks on their faces. They were all happy and cheerful. So when the clock strikes 12, we all hugged each other a wished everyone in our family a Merry Christmas.

On the way out of the church, I managed to rub shoulders with Abby’s Sister whose names still eludes me and I managed to exchanged some words with her. She was a nice girl and friendly too. Her mom was too. So I headed to our car filled with happy thoughts as it was Christmas again. Then we headed back and we reached home at approximately 12.30 midnight.

We had some sparkling juice to drink as soon as we reached home to celebrate the birth of Christ. Then it was time to unwrap the presents. I had only one under the tree as my parents decided to give me money as they didn’t know what to give me for Christmas. My sister and her friends had 5 each while I pathetically have one. Haiz!! So I unwrap it slowly and found out that it was a Bionicle. A pretty cool one too. So I fixed it there and then and was pretty anxious about how it will look in the end. It looked good as expected. Thanks for everything everyone

Here are some pictures of us.

My present from my sister

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


It was the longest awaited event ever. We were like waiting for it for a month as it was planned way earlier than the event itself. We were like finding for our dates way before the event as people used to attend this event with their dates. So I asked Abbygail. She is a girl from my church and boy I was glad that she accepted my proposal for the event.

So I dressed up my best so that I will look good in her eyes as it was my first time going out with her as we usually just say ‘Hi’ or something. So this was actually the start. She wore a sweet pink dress and boy she looked beautiful. Tall towering figure and nearly as tall as me. Phew, I was glad that I was taller. So Abby took her seat with her sister and company while I was busy being the DJ when the event was about to start.
Then finally I managed to sit beside Abby and I tried to break the ice but it was hard as I wasn’t use to talk to girls. At least it was the start of many great things. So as the event started, there were some speeches and then followed by our dinner time. Boy I can tell that most of the guest were hungry as it was getting rather late. So we had our food while listening to the songs that I recently downloaded from the internet.

After dinner it was dancing time. I managed to have my first dance with Abby and boy it was alright. It was my first dance in this year as I was restrained from dancing during Prefects’ Night. So I enjoyed my time dancing to some slow songs followed by some hip hop songs. It was good but the dance floor was a little too small. So it was rather cramp and everyone was forced to dance in the small area.

It was pretty good as I made many new friends. At least I enjoyed my time there with my friends and of course my date for the night Abbygail. The night ended at 11.30 and we left the places with our hearts filled with joy and excitement. Thanks Abbygail!!

The Great Flood

It was a tiring day after my outing with my friends in the previous post but things just got worse as my large aquarium had a huge crack at its base. Boy it was the second time in history and I really despised it. So I was forced to help out to clean up my house as it was half flooded as the water flowed out continuously.

I was forced to mopped the placed dry as my dad was busy clearing the aquarium and my mom was having a back ache. Albeit she did help, but I did most of the mopping and it was tiring as the water kept flowing out non-stop until the whole aquarium went dry. Boy it was a lot of water. Fish water to make matters worse. Haha!!

It took nearly an hour to finish cleaning up the mess and boy it was tiring as I had to mop the floor a couple of time so that our floor is free from any fishy smell. Lol!!! I felt sad for my dad though as he just cleaned the aquarium the day before and now it’s gone. Boy it was sad for him.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Toruk Makto

It was the Avatar season and everyone was talking about the movie. So I said to myself that I should check out the movie myself. So I was waiting for some invitation from my friends as I didn’t want to go on my own following a break up because it will definitely be boring to be alone. My wish were granted as one of my friends invited me to join them watch the movie.

We carpooled ourselves there and it was rather tight as 5 of us were forced to cramped into Chia Yen’s car. Thankfully the trip wasn’t long. So we reached Dataran Pahlawan at noon and my friends had their lunch at McDonald’s while I sat and wait as I had other food to eat in my mind. After our lunch, we split up as Chia Yen and Shyre May needed to take care of some business at Equatorial Hotel as we are having a grand night the following day.

So, Justin, Benji and I went to get our tickets and on the way we met our friends, Viknesh, Matthew and Chun Lek. They were at the arcade playing as usual their favourite Daytona. So Benji and Justin decided to join them. So they were playing while I took my break as I wasn’t really in the mood for those games. Then I watched Benji and Justin played Time Crisis, some Japanese game. Boy they really played well. I reckoned that they played often as they seemed perfect and knew everything about the game.

Then we decided to get our tickets as it was getting late. So we decided to watch the 2D Avatar as the tickets for the 3D Avatar were sold out. After purchasing our tickets, Benji and I went our own ways as I decided to go down and get some chicken chop for myself. So I bought my chicken chop but by the time I got it, it was already 10 minutes before the start of the movie. So we rushed to the Cineplex while I try to swallow down the blazing hot chicken chop. Boy it was hard to eat as we were rushing and at the same time I was swallowing it down. LOL!!!

Thankfully I managed to finish it before we entered the Cineplex. Then we entered and found our seats. It was my first time in that new Cineplex and it was good to have my first experience there. LOL!!! So we watched the movie and I really enjoyed it. All the vibrant colours and cool graffics. Nevertheless, I can’t deny that the movie was rather long but it was all worth it as every second of the movie is good.

Then we went to Mahkota Parade to meet up with Chia Yen and Shyre May who were pampering themselves at Starbucks Coffee. So they had their drink there but as a fan of Coffee Bean, I left and pamper myself with a cup of Ultimate Ice Blended. So I sat there all alone as my friends were at Starbucks. So I took the opportunity to cam whore and took some pictures. LOL!!! So that basically summed up my entire outing.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Outing to Remember

It was a Monday night and I was having the Monday blues. Then I received a message from my best friend Chia Yen inviting me to join them and do some Christmas shopping the following day. So I gladly accepted the invitation as I would probably die of boredom the following day if I don’t follow them as I had nothing fun or interesting to do.

The following day came and I was an eager beaver to hang out with my friends. The outing was at 11 a.m. but I was having trouble getting there as I had no proper transport. So I called my dad and he said he was able to fetch me slightly later. Phew. I finally have my transport. My dad came later than expected but nevertheless it was still good enough.

I reached Melaka Mall at 12 something in the end and my friends were busy shopping already. Then I met Benji but all i get was bad news. He lost his new phone. OMG. Sad case man. Damn it was a new phone. What a waste?? We tried our best finding it and Chia Yen’s brother was busy asking for help. Boy he was cute and helpful too. We continue to find Benji’s phone but it was all in vain.

Then I was asked by Chia Yen to send his brother across to Jusco as he often spend his time reading at Popular when Chia Yen is busy shopping. So I took the opportunity to know him better as he was really cute and talkative. Haha. So I walked him there as he continued talking to me. To my surprise he actually hold my hand to feel secure I think. So cute!!

After leaving him at Popular, I went back to join Chia Yen. She bought some beautiful and expensive dresses. I really envy the way she spends. Haha!! Then we continue to hunt for Benji’s phone. Once again it was all in vain. Chia Yen and Shyre May actually asked me to make them cry to make the people around to pity them. So they can get back the phone back. LOL!!! We eventually lodge a report about the missing phone.

Then we went for lunch at Nando’s as soon after we fetch Chia Yen’s little brother from Popular. We ordered our food but Chia Yen treated us our meal but she only let us pay for the drinks only. Thanks Chia Yen. We took some random pictures and I took one hilarious one picture. Then we went round shopping and then we head to McDonald’s as we waited for our transport.. As for now, Benji's phone remains lost.

Monday, December 14, 2009

It's Falling Apart

The score ended Liverpool 1 and Arsenal 2. It was another downfall for Liverpool as their losing streak persists with another lost at Anfield. The atmosphere was rather loud as the fans from both team, were behind their team chanting and jeering the opposite team. Xabi Alonso, Liverpool ex-star player was caught in the stands watching the match as Liverpool clearly looked to have suffered ever since his 30million departure to Real Madrid.

Xabi Alonso was caught in the stands

The game started off lively as Liverpool dominated the attack as they tested the Arsenal goalkeeper, Almunia for a couple of times. The first shot of the match came in early when Liverpool break for a counter attack as Gerrard fed Torres with a brilliant through ball but Torres missed the golden opportunity to put Liverpool ahead early as he only managed to produce a rather weak shot which was equalled by Almunia. Then Liverpool continued to storm the Arsenal back four with another attack which saw Gerrard was allegedly brought down by William Gallas but no penalty was rewarded. The match began to heat up and the breakthrough finally arrived at the stroke of half time when Kuyt teased the ball into the back of the net after a free kick by Aurelio.

Kuyt celebrating his goal

The second half then began and Liverpool were on the back foot this time as Arsenal dominated the match with crisp passing and some quick play. Their equaliser came in when Liverpool’s fullback Glen Johnson accidentally put the ball pass his own keeper as Jamie Carragher deflected Arsenal’s cross into the path of Johnson. Not long after that, Arsenal took the lead as Arshavin blasted he ball passed Reina’s net to give Arsenal the lead. Liverpool brought on the ‘Italian Prince’, Alberto Aquilani late during the second half but all his efforts to give Liverpool the win was in vain.

Glen Johnson puts the ball passed Reina

Arshavin celebrating after his goal

Sunday, December 13, 2009

It’s Time to Cleanup My Room

As usual, I woke up at 10 o’clock but this time there was an urge to do something different. Lately I had been thinking of doing some re arranging to my room and today was the perfect day to do it. My sister was the one who sparked this move as she had recently rearranged her room. The outcome was pretty good as the room looks better than before as it looked different than usual. Well I am actually a kind of person who enjoys seeing something new and different, so the new look of my sister’s room really took my heart.

So today was my turn to change my room appearance as my room was pretty dull in my eyes as it was the same for the past few years. So I started clearing my books that I find useless to me and threw away some of my olds books as I no longer need them anymore. Then I started rearranging my tables and closet by changing its position and all. It was pretty dusty but thankfully I used a mask before I even started to do any work. Well the mask really saved me from sneezing but it really made me looked like a monkey. Haha!!

After 2 hours of rearranging it was finally over. I had runny nose as the mask didn’t work effectively but nevertheless it saved me from sneezing like a man who is suffering from some sinus. Phew!! After clearing and rearranging, I decided to paste some posters up on my wall. It’s pretty cool as it made my room look better and more interesting. Haha!!

Preparing for Christmas

It’s another 2 more weeks to Christmas and I am pretty anxious for that day to come. Unfortunately my house wasn’t fully decorated as the exterior of our house wasn’t decorated yet. So I woke up at 10 o’clock as my father needed some help with the decorations. Without having my breakfast, I went to help him as it was difficult to set up the light on the Christmas tree all alone especially when the tree is 13 feet tall.

We started our work by testing the lights as usual to check for any faulty light bulbs. Thankfully all of them were in tip top condition. Phew. After doing so, we started setting the lights up on our tall Christmas tree. We were forced to use a ladder plus a long pole to reach the very top of the tree. That shows how tall the tree is. It was difficult at first as we couldn’t decide how to put the lights. Eventually we unanimously agreed by setting the lights up by going around the tree.

When we started setting up the lights, the sadist sun had risen to torture our eyes with its tremendous bright ray of light. Thankfully our hearts were with our job that we didn’t take notice of it at all. It was pretty hard at first as we needed the ladder to set up the lights. Nevertheless it gradually got easier as we had finished the top part of the tree. So from now onwards we need not the ladder anymore as it was within our reach. After covering the entire Christmas tree, we came to realise that we were short of light bulbs. Darn it!!

Then we decorated our car porch with some curtain lights. This was an easy process as we didn’t have to use a ladder. Phew!! Haha. Nevertheless we still used a chair to reach. Then it was time to set up the lights at the doorway. This time we used some Christmas creepers with some red light bulbs set on it. After setting it up, we decorated it with some beautiful golden ribbons. The ribbons and the lights really beautify our house doorway.

After decorating the entire garden, we tested the lights as soon as we connected the lights to the power supply. To our surprise, some of the bulbs weren’t working anymore. Wtf!!! We were relieved that we had finished decorating the entire garden but it was short lifted as soon as we found out that the lights were faulty. Darn it!!! Albeit all the hard work, it was still worthwhile to decorate our garden as we welcome the Christmas season.

2 days later, I finally managed to sort all the problems out and my house looks pretty beautiful now. Haha!! These are the outcome of all the decorations.