Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Wonderful Nights!!

It’s been a long time coming and yea, finally I decided to blog. Haha!! So well, the past few days were the best days of my life. Three dinners in a space of 1 week, now that’s something. The first was Prefects’ Night followed by the greatest of all, the Magical Night. I really had fun in all the event and it was the perfect way to leave my high school life behind me and to carry on to new pastures.

To start it off, Prefects’ Night was simply marvellous. The new board had ran the show well compared to my time. Haha!! I bet they worked days and night to make that day a success and it really was. So the theme of the event was the “Heady Affair” and we had to put something on our heads. Lol!! So everyone had their hats on but the one that really caught everyone’s attention was Thivyan Mohawk hairdo. It was imply amazing. Well anyway, the night was really awesome as we really danced our way off on that night!!

Lastly, the most marvellous of them all, the incredible, the fantastic, Magical Night!! Well it was a well organised event. Everything was done to perfection. Not a thing out of place. On top of that, we even had a sketch. I hope it was a success as we only practised it for a few times only. Well the food served was good too. Nevertheless, the night won’t run as smoothly as it is without the help of an angel in disguise, Nigel who helped us so much to get the lowest deals for the night. We once again rocked the dance floor!!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Fernando Torres TOP 50 Goals!!

El Nino Is Back!!

El Nino is finally back as he scored a brace in the exhilarating match against Chelsea. The goals brought his goal tally to 4 this season and he is bound to improve on it if he carries on playing the way he did in the match. It was simply fantastic. However what matters most is that Liverpool grabbed all 3 points from this big match and will look to improve their position in the table after a torrid start to the season. Lets hope Liverpool will carry on playing like today as they looked like a strong and organised outfit today. Ohh yea, almost forgot Kelly and Lucas performed awesome too!! They were simply menacing around the Chelsea players. YNWA!!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Pa, I Love You

It sure took me a long time to realise this and I finally did. My dad. He’s one of the best gifts that God ever gave me as a guidance and someone to support me throughout my entire life. He is the best. He’s always there whenever I am down and never gave up on me when I am in the darkest of pits. He helped me overcome my fears and tears and I am so grateful for that. Honestly, without you puppy, I will never be who I am now. With no support and guidance, I will definitely not be a successful person later in the future. You may have been tough on me but I know it was only for my own benefit. And of late, I hadn’t been myself but however this man who I proudly called "pa" took care of me and constant supporting me and encourages me to carry on and his encouragement and advices are the best anyone could give me. All I want to say now is thank you for everything you had given and done for me and most importantly the love you showered over me as your son. Thanks pa!! I love you and I won’t let you down.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Paramore Live in KL!!!

19/10/2010 will be another day to be remembered. It was my second time to a concert. It was... It was Paramore Live in KL!!! Well I never actually thought of the concert at all as I wouldn’t wanna let my high hopes be dented. However everything made possible when my sister was the lucky caller through and won us 4 tickets thanks to Hitz.fm.

So the concert was freaking awesome as Paramore performed brilliantly and Hayley was very energetic throughout the entire concert as she constantly head-banged and jumped around throughout the entire.  She was a lively figure and I was truly entertained by her performance. It was simply marvellous.

The fans were loud too!! Damn loud. I also contributed some of the noise as I constantly screamed and shouted throughout the concert. I even said, “I love you Hayley Williams”. I was that hyper. Haha!! I was simply enjoying myself as I was jumping all the way throughout the concert. It was truly fantastic. Mind blowing!!

All this was made possible by my sister and I truly appreciate and would like to thank my sister for making it possible for me to witness the best concert ever!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Awesome Parties!!

The month of October. Boy. It's one hell of a busy month as most of our beloved friends were born on this month. Why I wonder? Hmm.... So many parties being thrown and I didn't miss one of them yet. Thankfully I didn't. It was simply marvelous. 

First up was Yang's birthday party at the Bukit Beruang Hill. The place was rather new to me but the party was simply to the max. Top class. Not a single second I was caught day dreaming cuz my mind was simply occupied with fun activities such as the volleyball, robot game and many more exciting games!! Ehem... Not to mention that my beloved BAOBEI was simply by my side all the time. It made everything even better. 

Then, it was Shyre May's party!! Not another one!! Boy I still haven't recover fully from my back strain. Haha!! Nah. I was actually looking forward to it as I knew it was gonna be a kicking party. One that no one will forget. However, many questions arise as to whether Shyre May's party could match Yang's party? If you ask me, I guess both the party are pretty awesome!! We also played a couple of games at May's party and rugby was one of the games that I really enjoyed playing. It was like no other. Water rugby. Woohoo!! Simply the best!!

Thankfully we can let ourselves loose for a moment as we ended the long haul of the torturing trials. The party really had notched up our spirits after the trials. I personally hope that we all would stick together like before when we head our separate ways after our high school graduation. Cheers!!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Come On!!

Not another draw!! I can't cope with the results anymore. 1 win, 3 draws and 2 loses in 6 matches. Not the start any Liverpool fan would expect. The worse in almost 60 years in Liverpool history... This is pathetic and unacceptable!!The thought of it disgust me to my core. Liverpool are now in the relegation zone too!! So who's to be blamed for all this results? If you ask me, it should be Roy Hodgson himself. The former Fulham manager got all his tactics wrong by not playing a 4-4-2 formation from the beginning of the match instead of a 4-5-1 formation. N'Gog and Agger should start too!! Lets hope Hodgson realises that his tactics of throwing long ball forward is also ineffective in games like this. Argh!!!! Can't take it anymore!! Nevertheless, I still hope Liverpool can bounce back from their sluggish start. YNWA!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Despair at The Teather of Dreams...

Not a solid performance from Liverpool. They simply need to improve and can anyone tell me why is Maxi playing instead of Babel or Pacheco? Anyway, here are some pictures of Liverpool's defeat away to Manchester United.
Picture taken from Liverpoolfc.tv

Sunday, September 19, 2010

My Kinda Girl

1.Hair- Preferably long hair. Hmm.. I wonder why I craze for it cuz there’s no particular reason to back it up. Haha!!

2.Face- Face don’t really matter. As long as you have a pair of eyes, a nose, and a pair of kissable lips then it’s   good enough for me. Haha!!

3.Body- Hmm... This is interesting. No boobs and no curves, it’s fine with me. So basically, I am good with anything. Just that she mustn’t be bigger than me. Haha!!

4.Legs- Ooooo... This is what that turns me on. Vital part. Basically the calf and thighs play a large factor to my liking.

5.Height- Hmm... Don’t really matter. Cuz there’s nothing to it. Unless she’s taller than me then it would be weird. Haha!!

In conclusion, looks don’t matter to me but what’s inside is the important.

P.S. Just a random post. Thought of doing it for quite some time already. 

Saturday, September 18, 2010

4-1 Rout at Anfield

A brilliant performance by the Reds. N'Gog is really flourishing in front of goal nowadays too. Lets hope Liverpool can carry this form against Manchester United at the Theater of Dreams this weekend. YNWA!!!
Picture taken from Liverpoolfc.tv

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Tribute To The Legend

Liverpool living legend Jamie Carragher had been a great player ever since he donned the red Liverpool shirt during his younger days. However time had passed and the latter is now reaching his peak of his game. Liverpool Football Club had conducted a testimonial match to pay tribute to this gifted player. Many stars from the past like Luis Garcia and Jerzy Dudek who played a big part in Liverpool success to win the UEFA Champions League 2004/2005 were involved in this testimonial match. Michael Owen, Steve Finnan, Danny Murphy and many more also played a small part in this memorable match. Liverpool XI trashed Everton XI 4-1 with Carragher scoring at both ends. Joe Cole and Nathan Eccleston also struck his first goal for Liverpool while Paul Konchesky had his Liverpool debut. Here are some picture from this memorable match.

Picture taken from Liverpoolfc.tv