Sunday, January 31, 2010

Liverpool Against Bolton in Pictures.

Another win for Liverpool as Liverpool won Bolton at Anfield yesterday thanks to goals from Dirk Kuyt and a wicked deflection from Emilianno Insua's strike. Hope this will carry on as Liverpool is now on a 6 games unbeaten run. Go Scousers!!!!
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Friday, January 29, 2010

Tiresome School

It’s coming to 4 weeks since school reopen and honestly I don’t like it one single bit. Well the friends are great but the fact is the teachers are sucky to the max. They are pushing us whenever they have the opportunity and it’s rather stressful. Well the first thing is that they give us too much homework. Then they also tend to move too fast. Boy it is as though they are chasing a train. My goodness!!!

Other than that, Prefects’ Board had been rather shaky lately with me breaking the most rules I can. Ankle socks, sport shoes, mobile phone to school, you name it, I have done it. So basically it is fun. Nevertheless Adele is being a horrible Secretary as she barely does anything. All she does is read all her announcement in an alarming speed. Boy oh boy, no one can really catch whatever she announced. So it’s kinda bad.

Then Farah had been giving me that “I don’t like you look” at times. Well fair enough I don’t really like her either. All her drama queen ethics and fake smile and all. Boy it disgusted me to the core. Once she told me that my hair is too long according to some complaints. Well I just cut my hair two weeks ago and they want me to cut again. What the hell man??? If they really want me to do that, will they support my expenditure on haircuts?? Damn these idiots!!

Then Madam Susan can’t stop chasing my ass about my hair. Yet again. What’s wrong with my hair? How short they want it to be? It is already so short and yet she asked me to cut it. She said my hair is too bushy. Damn it man. If my hair is like that just accept it man. Bloody hell!!!

On the other hand, school life minus the homework and Prefects’ Board had been rather good and interesting. My friends are at its best and they are always there for me especially Yang, Shan and Benji. Some very good friends of mine now. Well I am no longer sitting beside Yang anymore as I felt that is was better for Shan to be beside her. God knows why I thought so. Well I don’t know. Maybe I am too kind. As for now I am sitting at the very front without a purpose. Sigh...

So that’s about it concerning my first few weeks of school. It’s fun yet tiring none the less. 

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Best First Day of School Thanks to Yang!!

It was the first day of school and to my surprise I wasn’t anxious to return to school. It was our final year this year and it’s time to leave a mark behind. Well the night before my heart leaped with joy as Chia Yen was going to sit beside me this year. Well it was the first time in my entire life to sit beside a girl. Well you all must be thinking that I am a psycho but honestly, I don’t think I am. Chia Yen is a great friend and is always bubbly and friendly towards me.

So as I woke up as usual like last time. Then I washed up and prepared myself as I was going to school again. This time is different as this year I will be the eldest there. Yea!!! Time to bully some kids!!! Lol!!! Just kidding. Well at least we don’t have to care about our seniors. So I left home with new spirits in me. Well the journey to school was longer than usual as more cars were on the road this year.

Thankfully I reached school early as being an Assistant Secretary for the School’s Prefects’ Board, there will always be work waiting for you. The first thing I did when I was in school was that I rushed to the top floor to book place for me with Chia Yen and Shyre May with Sarah. I put some stickers on the tables as I was the first one to book any place for ourselves. Rather surprising I know as my friends usually flood the class on the first day of school.

So I did my usual duties as usual on that day. But then I came to know that the Chemistry Lab Power supply is busted. Damn it was minutes of panic as we really need to carry out our general assembly. Well eventually the fault of the power supply was spotted and repaired. Then the assembly was carried out as usual.

Then it was time to head back to class as soon as the whole assembly is over. Boy, finally I can get to experience my study life in Form 5. Well I am being sarcastic there!! I didn’t want to study. Lol!! So there I sat with Chia Yen and she was on the hyper mood again as usual. Boy it is fun whenever she was hyper as people like me (the quiet one) would like someone like her to do that. Well it was some fun time.

Lydia was then elected as the form monitor as Chun Lek was voted as the assistant monitor. So Lydia was in action as soon as she was voted as the monitor. She began pushing the guys around to carry books for the whole class use. So I told that I was a girl jokingly as I was tired and lazy to carry those books. To my surprise Yang (Chia Yen) gave me a name, Mandy. So from then onwards I was acting like a girl. Boy it was hilarious. I then introduced myself as Mandy. I know it sounded stupid but it was extremely funny.

Then it was recess time and Yang left to run some errands. So I practically sat there all alone. It was rather boring as I was in the midst of fun all the time when I with her. Then she came back. But her mood wasn’t the same as usual. I was a little worried for her as she had been my very best friend since a long time ago. So I tried to console her but it didn’t work. Well I kept trying but I was pleased with myself as I managed to make Yang smile on certain occasion.

So school ended and we all head back home after our first day of school. So I had my lunch as I didn’t take any food during recess. Boy it was hard to survive with an empty stomach last time but now it is much easier. Then at about 4 I received a text from Yang stating that she was joining the same add maths tuition as me. Well I was flabbergasted as I finally had a friend to talk to during tuition.

While in tuition she was on the hyper mood too. To make matters worse I gave some chocolates to eat. Boy she got even more hyper. She kept on disturbing Joel Lee who was my friend from church as he was acting rather serious. She was disturbing him so badly that he came out with a conclusion that Yang is crazy. Well she is not once you get to know her. Then tuition ended and Yang and I waited outside while we exchanged some words with our fellow tuition mates. Then mom and dad came and we got in the car and head home.

Well basically that was my first day of school. Yang seriously made it great and the friends around me too. Thank you all for everything!!