Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mesmerised and Disappointed

Well it was the day my heart stopped. It was the 23rd of February. The day I am so not looking forward to for I am not prepared for it. It...... It was...... It was the swimming competition. It was my second year in the running, participating this competition but I was still nervous about it. So I skipped school that day preparing for the competition.

So as I reached the state pool where the competition was held, my heart pounder even harder. Just the sight of all the swimmers made my goosebumps appear. They were all practising by the time I reached there as I was only involved in the afternoon session. They all were extreme great swimmers as their strokes are perfectly tidy. Their diving was also executed to perfection. That dampens my confidence even more and added my nervy feeling about the competition.

Then It was my time to practice. I got ready and warmed up myself. Without further ado, I tried diving. To my surprise, it was as bad as expected. I managed to execute some perfect dives. Not bad eh??(Especially for a beginner like me). Then I started swimming. I was nice to swim there as the water is clean and the pool is extremely deep. After half an hour or so, we are called out of the pool as the competition was about to resume after their lunch break.

So the events went smoothly and then...... Something happened..... I just realised that my 2 relay swimmer left without saying a word. Simply idiotic. How irresponsible?? After all the trouble of going there, I had nothing to do in the end. Not a single event. The worst part is that my mom and my grandma followed suit me to the pool. So they had nothing to do. Their main purpose was to cheer for me. However eventually I don’t have any event. How disappointing??

After a couple of tries, we finally gave up calling back those 2 swimmers. Damn it man!! As a president, I stayed put and supported my team to the end. They performed alright especially the girls and Soh Yong Wee. They were awesome. They won some medals and that’s what that matters most.

Then suddenly.... I realised someone. Someone I knew but never spoke face to face before. She was Lee Chao Wee. Well she is and IJC swimmer and a pretty darn good one too. Awesome swimmer. Well I saw her pictures on Facebook before and had a glimpse of her a couple of times. Didn’t know that she was a great swimmer. So I was keeping an eye on her, observing the way she swam and ohh boy, she just mesmerised me by her super fast swimming.

The day before the competition, I thought she was simply a good photographer as she clearly like taking photos and she owns a great DSLR too. Saw it on Facebook too. By accidental of course. I am not a stalker. Lol!! She was simply awesome. The greatest female swimmer I have ever met in my life.

Well back to my school then, it was the relay event and obviously the male under-18 medley relay event for my school was cancelled. The other team participated as usual. Nevertheless, I was forced to keep this secret till now. I just can’t take it anymore. It was damn disappointing in my eyes. Boy, that swimmer can’t even help the school. She told me that she was gonna disqualify the event. I tried to persuade her but I just can’t change her big head.

So I watched that event with my broken and disappointed heart. Why must she do that??? To make things even worse, the event promised us a silverware for sure. Definitely a bronze at least as only 3 teams participated in the event. Boy, till now, I can still feel the disappointment in my heart. So I watched my team being disqualified. I stood there helpless.... Now let’s talk about my younger swimmer, the male under-15 medley relay team won themselves a bronze medal with a stunning performance from Soh Yong Wee. The greatest male swimmer I ever spoke too. And he is just 14 years old. The boys was well of the pace as we were in 4th place till he came in with the butterfly stroke. He caught up with the third swimmer and left a long gap between himself and the fourth swimmer. Then Lee Tzen Wey secures the bronze medal with a relax 100m freestyle finish.

On the other hand, the female under-15 medley relay was also disqualified due to some beginner’s error from a Form 2 girl whose name escapes me. She dived into the pool and began her Swim. A few seconds after diving, she stood up and it was an automatic disqualification for my team. Sigh... Damn disappointing.

So that’s about it for my first day of the swimming competition.

Monday, February 22, 2010

A Frustrating Letdown

Yet another frustrating game as Liverpool was held to a goalless draw at the City of Manchester Stadium. Both teams played horribly and there was too many personal errors from players from both sides as the both team succumbed to a goalless draw. Nevertheless, Liverpool star Fernando Torres is back after a knee surgery and Yossi Benayoun also played a cameo role after recovering from a long term injury.
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Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Merseyside Derby

Triumphant Liverpool grabbed 3 points as Liverpool defeated Everton thanks to a winner from Dirk Kuyt. The goal puts him into double figure this season and it is his 50th goal in red. The game was lively and chaotic as tackles were flying here and there and cards were shown to most of the players. Liverpool were reduced to ten man midway through the second half as Sotirios Krygiakos was sent off after he brought down Fellaini. The breakthrough came in the second half as Dirk Kuyt headed home a beautiful corner by Stevie G. Liverpool then dominated the entire second half thus securing the 3 points.

Here are some pictures from the match.

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Friday, February 5, 2010

Preparations Before Tomorrow's Merseyside Derby

Liverpool look to carry on their unbeaten streak as they face Everton this weekend at Anfield. This will be the 213th Merseyside derby and I bet it will be lively as ever. Lets hope that Liverpool will grab all 3 points in this match.
Here are some picture during their training at Melwood.
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