Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Just My Luck

It was a long time coming and I finally got it. To be honest I had been dreaming of owning the precious thing which many of you might think that it is just another day kinda thing. Well I hope I got you readers guessing about where I am going to lead to. And yes, I finally got the Nokia 5800 Xpress Music. Long last. Haha!! Actually I don’t intend to brag about it but I cannot stop myself from blogging about it. Lol!! It’s something awesome for me. So this is how it looks. Good eh!!

The story of my new phone started when my dad’s mobile phone was starting to get cranky and all screwed up as he can barely hear anything when he receives a call. What’s the point of having a mobile phone when you can’t hear right?? Lol!! So my mom got mad about this matter as my dad was clueless about what my mom said whenever she calls. Boy this sounds pathetic.

So I took the opportunity and offered my dad my mobile phone in replacement for his deteriorated old mobile phone. To my surprise my mobile 2 year-old phone managed to catch his eyes and he started pondering about it and persuading him to have mine and I would go out and get a new one myself. Guessed that all my hard work taking care of my mobile phone paid off in the end. All the wiping and stuff.. Well it sure took some time and my perserverance paid off when I finally made my mom got me the Nokia 5800 Xpress Music. Boy it was simply awesome!!!

As for now I am settling down with it and my dad seems rather happy with his “new” mobile phone handed down by me. Woohooo!!!! (Boy I am still so excited and flabbergasted that I got that new mobile phone)

Here are some random shots of it. Damn I am so SS now. Lol!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

The Awesome Prefects' Camp Day 2

Well sorry for the delayed Part 2 to the previous blog post as I was a little caught up with a few stuffs. So without further ado, I shall continue about the camp I attended recently. So the second day began brilliantly as we woke up early while we had some chat among each other. After all our preparations, we were prepared some light breakfast as we were gonna participate in some outdoor activity organised by the camp co-ordinators. The activity was Explorace “The Games of The Year”. Boy it sure sounds interesting.

So the event started at approximately 8 in the morning. The game was based on four activities. The first team to complete the four activities first will be given bonus marks. The performance of the group during the activities is also taken to consideration for the giving of marks. The first activity wasn’t that interesting as it was some mental activity. We were supposed to join a series of dots by using only 5 connecting lines. Lame isn’t it???

The following activity was more fun as we were supposed to carry a bowl of water from the damp by using raffia strings. Well it sure took group work for this. The fun part was that we were forced to soak ourselves in the water to collect the water and carry it to shore. Well I can still remember that my pants were soaking wet during that activity. After a couple of tries, we managed to carry the bowl of water to the shore. Boy it was hard work.

Then we proceeded to our 3rd activity. This was the far best. First we were supposed to jungle track on our own to the designated area. We were forced to make several jumps on the way there. When we reach our designated area, we found out the activity will only make us even wetter. We were supposed to cross a mud-like pond by crawling. There was a height limit as there were wires above the pond. Once any part of our body touches the wire, we had to start all over again from the starting point. So it was a tough and tedious work. So I tried it. For the first attempt, I tried to crawl but unfortunately my spiky hair caught the wires. Damn it!!! Then I decided to do something crazy. I just swam across it by breaststroke. It was fun but the sad thing is that I had to submerge my entire torso and head into the mud-like pond!!

Then coming to the final activity, we were supposed to navigate ourselves to the bottom of the man-made waterfall. So we got lost and couldn’t find a route to the area. So Kirthi and I decided to do some jungle tracking on ourselves without any compass and guide. We just followed our senses. Boy it was fun but in the end we lead ourselves to the wrong place. Finally Kirthi and I managed to find the area after a few minutes of exploring the wild and virgin jungle. The last activity made us guessed the number of squares in a grid of 4 times 4 squares. So in the end we got the correct answer and head back to camp as that was the last checkpoint and final activity.

Once we were back at our campsite, we headed straight to the bathroom to bath. Boy we were extremely dirty and stinky with the pungent smell of the mud. So we bath thoroughly to free ourselves from that awful stench. After that, we had another activity which was supposed to test our communication skills. It wasn’t that hard but my exhaustion and sleepiness was taking its toll on me. So I slept awhile during the activity.

After that activity, we had our lunch. Well the food was alright and most of us had second helping to ease our hunger after participating in two challenging events. Then, the facilitators had a session where we were supposed to find out the use of rubbish bin. Well our creative minds managed to spark some ridiculous ideas as the opposition teams kept on debating that the suggestion is irrelevant. After all the debating, the facilitator hit us back telling us that we should help each other instead of finding someone’s fault. So all the debating just made a fool out of ourselves. We merely looked like future politician fighting for our own good instead of helping. We even used microphones and haler just to reject other team’s suggestion. Boy it was pathetic. Nevertheless it was fun.

Well that was the last activity and you can see that everyone was glad and was eager to go home. It was written all over their faces. So after a closing ceremony, the prize giving ceremony took place. All teams managed to leave with prizes. No one was left empty handed. My team came in second last but we didn’t care much as we knew we did our best and as long as we had fun, we were happy with any results.

Then we packed our luggage and headed to the bus as we bid farewell to the fellow facilitators and left the place filled with memories of the games and experience gained from all the lectures from the facilitators and the activities we took part. On the whole, the camp was awesome and fun and I am craving for camps like this!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Awesome Prefects' Camp Day 1

It was the highly anticipated prefects’ camp. All the Form 5s were talking about it because will be the last prefects’ camp for us as we will soon be leaving school. Nevertheless the preparation towards the camp was rather hectic. Issuing a letter was my least favourite thing to do and I was forced to issue a couple of letters for permission and health aid from the local authorities prior to the camp. Then I had to do some booklet for the camp to brief the fellow prefects’ about the whole event. Well it took me a day to get it done but it was a tough time completing it as the contents changes the whole time. Boy they just can’t make up their mind!!! Well the outcome was alright though. Here it is... Well I left my mark behind too. Hehe!!

Then the day arrives and everyone was so hyped up about it. It was on a Friday and everyone was in a holiday mood as it was the start of the holidays. As the bell rang signaling the end of school, everyone headed home to pack their clothes for the 2 days 1 night camp. Well I can bet that everyone was excited about the camp as it was the first camp held ever since the new board was elected. The camp was to be held at Anjung Tasik, somewhere in Durian Tunggal.

So at 1.30 I came back to school and found out that Alvin and I was the earliest there and I guessed that everyone was still busy packing their luggage. Boy thankfully I packed mine the day before. Saved me the tension on that day. When it was 2, more familiar faces started to show up as the bus arrived just on time. After all the preparations, we boarded the bus at approximately 2.30 in the afternoon.

Arvinth and I was the last to board our bus and we knew that we are gonna get the worst sit in the bus . Well my thoughts were right as we only had the front and backseat available. I was peculiar as the Form 5s usually storm the backseat as soon as they board the bus. However this time they didn’t. So out of curiosity, I went behind to find out the reason why they are not occupying the rear seat. Before I reach the backseat, I could smell some stench in the air. To my surprise, I saw animal poo on the seat. Why on earth is it there in the first place? Definitely not a smart place to poo. Damn the bus driver. The bus ride wasn’t fun as I was secluded from my friends. So in the end I decided to take some pictures and eventually blasted my music!!!

So we reached our destination safe and sound. After that, we unpacked and was briefed by Arvinth about the camp. Then we went to the reception of the whole facility and registered our names. After all the registration was made, The chief or the facility En Azizi gave a short briefing about the area and the stories about him working at the damp. For crying out loud who will ever wanna listen to that. After that speech, we were given some refreshments and can finally put luggage in our dormitory. Then we had some group activity and we took some candid shots of 

That shows how boring the talk was…

After the group activity, we took our bath and then attended a short talk where En. Azizi gave us some motivation talk and then we were suppose to create our group’ name, motto, logo, and cheer. Boy it was fun and stressful. Nevertheless the Form 5s have lesser work to do as we were only supposed to see the juniors’ performance. So we sat there and gave some help whenever they asked for it. So we got bored and Siu Shen stated drawing some pictures on people’s files. And I took the opportunity to take some pictures to ease the boredom.

After all the motivation speeches, we were let off and were forced to get to sleep. Nevertheless, the Top Board had to stay back to have some word with the teachers to tell them about the attitudes of the juniors during the camp. After doing so, Arvinth, Alvin and I followed En. Hafeez and travelled as far as we can to find a place to eat. It was 1 o’clock mind you. Well the trip was long and there weren’t many people around this rural areas. Boy I was so glad that I didn’t live in such place. Phew... Then we stopped by at KFC which is operating for 24 hours and bought ourselves a set meal. Yummy.

When we were back from KFC, we went back to our own dormitories and I joined in the ‘Geng Mamak’ as they were dancing to the songs played on their mobile phones. Boy it was fun and I joined in the dance too. We did all sorts of poses and dance all sorts of styles. It was simply magical. The best part of the entire camp I tell you. Damn awesome. We eventually slept at 4 due to exhaustion..

Well that basically sums up the entire Day 1 of the Awesome Prefects' Camp!!