Sunday, April 18, 2010

Out Of Boredom...

There I was staring blankly at the empty screen as I waited patiently for the time to strike 11 or 12 indicating it’s time to sleep. However time was not to my favour today as the clock seemed to tease me by clicking and clocking every second but the long needle doesn’t seem to move one single bit. This was some agonising time as I simply have no clue whatsoever to fill in this leisure time with.

The afternoon was rather dull. I had nothing to do and was dead bored. So guess what I did? To my surprise I actually opened my Chemistry revision book and started studying. I was so bored that studying became my last resort of “entertainment”. I will be ridiculed by my friends if this ever spilled out. All the mockery and the teasing they are so well known of. I will probably go down as the nerd of the class. Nevertheless I did gain something from that though.

So the night was as dull as ditchwater as I gazed at the crescent moon as it slowly withdrew from the beautiful starry sky. Nothing better to do, I just stood outside my house doing nothing apart from gazing up in the sky and letting my dreams run wild. Thanks to Benji, I managed to kill sometime as he stopped by my place for a brief moment to return my bicycle which he borrowed prior to this.

As for now, I resume staring at the screen of the computer typing this blog just to kill time. Ohh I almost forgot, there was actually a birthday party today. However I just didn’t have mood for it today and I was a day late and a dollar short to get a present for her. So that’s all for this plain boring day of mine which sees no end to it......

Time Out With My Mom

It was a Friday night and my dad was still away on his vacation in Terengganu. So all left at Melaka was my mom and I. Boy we were bored. So my mom brought me out to Nandos and had our dinner there. Boy Nandos was packed with varsity students as it was dinner time. So we, as usual, ordered the set meal with 2 sidelines.  Although I was suffering from a sore throat, I still ordered my favourite Extra Hot Peri-Peri flavour. Emmmm.... Delicious

While waiting for our food to be served, I took the opportunity and went online via my mobile phone. Boy I couldn’t go begging for more as it was free of charge. Lol!! So I browsed the web and managed to sign into my Facebook account. I also managed to chat with my friends via the new application that I recently downloaded. Boy it was full proof and was working tremendously.

By the time we finished our dinner. It was already 9.30 and Jusco was about to close in about an hour time. So we did some quick shopping and I managed to get some sushi. Boy it was cheap. After paying up for the items we bought, the aroma of the nearby freshly baked baguette caught my attention. It... It.... was so aromatic. It was irresistible too. So my mom bought 2 of those for RM 11. Not bad. Boy I tell you, it was damn scrumptious.... Yummy..... (P.S. I think I am getting fatter)

Friday, April 9, 2010

Benfica Undone By The Reds

It was D Day for the Liverpool team as their last hopes of silverware this season depends entirely on the match held at Anfield which sees Liverpool against Benfica. Coming to this game, Benfica have an advantage of 2-1 victory from the first leg where Oscar Cardozo fired in 2 penalties to cancel out Gerrard’s opener. The results meant that Liverpool must win to proceed into the semis.

On the highly anticipated and grieving match for the Scousers, Liverpool Manager, Rafa Benitez fielded the best squad he has. Nevertheless the left back position was filled by Daniel Agger as Emiliano Insua was suspended. It was the Dane’s first time in that particular position. Other than that the lights off Fernando Torres, Steven Gerrard, Dirk Kuyt and a few others was on the starting line-up.

The match started off shaky for the Reds as they look to lose the ball once the pass the middle line. It was some sloppy passing and the Benfica team controlled the ball possession for the opening 20 minutes. Thankfully Benfica didn’t manage to take full advantage of the situation as it is gonna be some hard time for Liverpool if they had scored. Boy, weren’t we lucky.

The breakthrough came in when Dirk Kuyt headered in Gerrard’s beautiful corner kick passed Julio Cesar. The goal was first disallowed by the linesman but it was then overruled by the referee to Liverpool’s favour. The goal was the start to everything great. The next goal was beautifully taken by Lucas as he ledged on to Gerrard’s beautiful through ball.

The second half started better for Liverpool as they were keeping the ball possession. El Nino fired home Liverpool’s third of the night when he netted in Kuyt’s low cross after a superb break from Liverpool on the counter attack. Then Oscar Cardozo scored from the free kick with a thunderous low shot which was slightly deflected by the Liverpool’s keeper. Reina was beaten flat there.

That goal led to the nervy ended as if Benfica should score, they will make it to the semis by the away goal advantage. However the almighty Torres shut the Benfica’s fans after he chipped a beautiful ball passed the Benfica goalkeeper. It was Mascherano’s perfect lobbed ball that made that goal possible. Now it was no turning back for Benfica as they had so little time to score 2 more goals. The referee blew his whistle and the match ended 4-1 to the Reds. YNWA!!!

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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Agonising Time For The Scousers

It's nearing the end of the season and Liverpool have yet to establish their 4th place in the BPL to book their place in the UEFA Champions League final pot. in addition to the league position in the BPL, Liverpool have yet to find their form in the time where it matters most. Lets hope for a silver lining as Liverpool are going against all odds to book the final spot for the UEFA Champions League final spot. Here are some pictures of Liverpool during last week.
The week began indoors for the Reds as they took pre-Benfica training inside due to the weather
While there was a determined mood at Melwood ahead of the trip to the Estadio da Luz...
...spirits were high after the 3-0 drubbing of Sunderland
The gaffer would face the world's media in Lisbon that night...
Rafa was joined at the top table by a relaxed Lucas Leiva
The world famous Benfica eagle Vitoria took her customary flight before kick-off in Portugal
But the travelling Kop hoped it would be the Liver Bird flying high come full-time
Agger gave us a dream start...
...with the Dane netting an audacious back-heeled effort in only the ninth minute
But the Reds were reduced to 10 men on the half hour mark when Babel was dismissed
Benfica broke Liverpool's resistance with an Oscar Cardozo spot-kick in the second half
The striker was on target from 12 yards again late on to secure a 2-1 win for the Eagles against the battling Reds
Liverpool returned to action on Easter Sunday against Birmingham at St Andrews
Stevie fired us into an early second-half lead with a fine strike
It was the skipper's 10th of the season
However, Liam Ridgewell scored for the home side soon after
On a frustrating afternoon for the Reds

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