Saturday, May 29, 2010

My BIG Day!!

Approaching the end of May, I can barely wait for this particular date, 27th May. It’s my birthday. Whee!!! Finally, I have something to look forward to, after half a month seating for my mid-year exam. The mid-year exams was alright, wasn’t as hard as expected but it was taxing nonetheless. Studying last minutely wasn’t helping me one single bit. Damn it was stressful. Haha!! Well, this is not the point of me blogging actually. It was supposed to be all about my BIG day!!

Knowing that my birthday would fall on my Chemistry paper, my mood was dented as Chemistry wasn’t the best subject of mine. I kinda suck at it at times. Perhaps it was my lack of concentration in class with no tuition either. Sigh... So lets get to the point. When I arrived at school, my friends wished me and managed to give me a hug. My spirit was lifted as it wasn’t an everyday thing to get a hug from my friends. It was a rare occasion.

I blushed a little then. It wasn’t easy to control myself. Then, it was time to seat for my Chemistry Paper 2. It will be a long paper. The paper was easy to my surprise. Hopefully I can score high for it. Lol!! After recess, I started revising for my paper 3. Sadly, I was too caught up with my birthday. Oh well. Who cares. Haha!!After the assembly, I headed straight to class and another bunch of friends greeted and wished me. Boy I was happy then. Not long after that, they dedicated a birthday song to me. I have to admit that.

As soon as Paper 3 ended, school dismissed and I was allowed to stay back a little longer than usual. Managed to have some short conversation with my friends and was invited to join them for lunch at Nandos. Boy I missed the greatest opportunity to eat with them. Sigh... Then, my parents came and had already bought some burgers and fries for me. I managed to nibble a little fries and then we stopped by at Secret Recipe to get my birthday cake.

At Secret Recipe, my mom and I were having problem choosing the cake as the both of us had different taste. In the end I managed to choose the one I like. Then I managed to drop by Nandos to meet my friends. After a short chat, I headed home. As soon as I reached home, I hit the sack as I was damn exhausted and had been suffering from lack of sleep for the past few days.

Then came night, my mom decided to treat me at a Korean Restaurant nearby. It was our second time there and the restaurant keeper already recognised us. The food served was cooked to perfection and I was really full when I finished eating all that I ordered for. My tummy was to the brim. Then we managed to exchange some words with a fellow Korean man and it was interesting to hear him speak. The accent and slang was awesome.

Then we headed home and cut my birthday cake. Although I was filled to the brim, I still managed to eat a small serving of the cake. Ohh yea, almost forgot, early this day, my friend gave me a Marks and Spencer Autograph perfume. Thanks for the gift Shan and Yang. You guys are the best. Well this is just a small part of my birthday celebration. More to come soon. More presents too. Haha!!




Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Frustrating Season

Yet another season is has just ended and it wasn't a favourable season. Liverpool performed below par as they struggled to maintain a winning streak. On the contrary they bagged some back to back loses. Not the best season but we managed to see some vast improvement on some of our players mainly Lucas and Insua. They are still of tender age and yet they had performed brilliantly week in week out. So here are some pictures of our final match in front of the Kop. YNWA!!!

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Monday, May 3, 2010

Kelly Clarkson All I Ever Wanted Tour

All I ever wanted. All I ever wanted was to witness a concert. And here I am blogging about my first ever experience to a concert. It was the Kelly Clarkson All I Ever Wanted Tour. To be honest, I didn’t really take notice of this concert until my sister pointed it out to me. She was interested of going and was in need of a companion since Terrance, our cousin was busy on that day. So, I took the opportunity to attend the concert with my sister.

At first we weren’t sure whether we are attending it as my mom had some indecision on letting us go since the tickets are rather costly and the concert was just around the corner. She didn’t like rash decision and she pondered about it for a couple of days. On the eve of the event, she finally gave us the green light to attend the concert. Once again, MY FIRST EVER CONCERT!!! Damn I was excited about it.

Upon receiving the good news from my mom, my sister hurriedly contacted Terrance to get us 2 tickets for the event. Thankfully there were still some tickets up for grabs and he got us two. Whee!!! We were to collect the ticket once we reach our destination. The tickets were of the cheapest range but who gives a damn about it because we were lucky enough to get hold of it. So the anxious feeling filled my blood as the day arrived.

The next day arrived and it was the long awaited moment. A moment like this is something I would remember for a life time. My first ever concert. After some preparations, our dad fetched us to KL at 3 with my mom staying behind at home. We reached our destination at approximately 6 and waited for my cousin to present us the ticket. So we waited and waited till it was past 7 o’clock. It was an hour more to the event and we hurriedly went to the Bukit Jalil National Stadium where the concert was to take place.

Thankfully we were nearby the location and we managed to reach in time. We left our dad then and headed up to our seats. It was good and fun. The reception from the crowd was tremendous. Everyone was cheering but there were nothing to it. The concert hasn’t start and yet they were already in the groove. They were clapping and talking as they wait for the arrival of the star, Kelly Clarkson.

Before the concert could kick start, DJ, Natalie managed to bring the crowd to live with a couple of words. Then there was the performance from Jaclyn Victor and Suki. Jac’s performance was awesome as she showed some powerful vocals. Something that we Malaysians should be proud of. Haha!! Then, the moment we had been waiting for... The arrival of KELLY CLARKSON!!!

She wore a simple attire and didn’t waste any time to kick start the concert. She sang a couple of newly released songs and a few from her past albums. Both were very good. She was lively and performed with a little dance or two, hopping here and there and jumping. She really looked like she was enjoying her time on the stage. The song I enjoyed was the song entitled “I Want You”. It was undoubtedly the cutest song ever heard in my entire life!!!

Ohh yea, I almost forgot, her birthday coincidentally fell on the eve of the concert and the fans took notice of it and sang her a birthday song. By the looks on her face, she was totally flattered and I doubt that any of her fans did that before. Then she performed further until the last song... My Life Would Suck Without You. The final song. She blasted the song and everyone was responding towards the song and I managed to loosen my buttons and started jumping and singing to the song. It was totally awesome and it was by far the best performance of the night!!

Kelly left immediately after her last performance. Then, it was time to head home as it was getting late. I was reluctant to do so but I had to as the following day was a schooling day. Sigh... Nevertheless, I will want to attend more concert like this!!!