Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Moments I Will Never Forget!!

Coming to the end of the holidays and I am seriously still caught up with the holiday spirit. The care free moment of my life where I can lay back and relax while watching the time flies sparingly. So this holiday was a good and certainly the one to remember for the next holidays and times to come. Well it’s all good and I can’t recall any bad days during this 2 weeks of break.

The first reason was that the arrival of the school holiday meant that it’s the end of the first semester in school and the end of our long agonising examinations. It was the long awaited holiday as I was stressed out with school life and needed a break from it. On the other hand, I managed to throw a wonderful yet awesome party on the eve of the holidays to celebrate my 17th birthday. It was certainly something to remember as it was the start of something new.

And the best moment of the holiday was I met my beloved Rose. She’s all that I am. Well I am blessed to have her in my life now. Ohh I am so in love now. More of this in the upcoming post. So be patient. Haha!!

 Besides that, I also got my long awaited camera which is my Canon EOS 550D with upgraded Tamron AF 18-270mm f/3.5-6.3 Di II VC Lens. An all in one zoom lens baby and it’s something damn awesome. Yea, I am proud to have you Baby *That’s what I call my camera* Haha!! The camera work brilliantly and I have no complaints about it one single bit. It’s my best ever gadget ever!!

So well that’s basically a brief summary of my holidays and it’s my very best ever!!! I love it!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Not Another Nightmare!!!

It was the third day in succession that I was haunted by another nightmare. Well it was all bad to the end. Today’s goes like this. My family had a vacation at Cameron Highlands. My dream started as we were heading home after a long trip there. The ironic thing was we had to bathe outside our hotel as we just came back from a dirty and messy outing.  The ironic thing was this wasn’t my first time dreaming about a place like this.

So after bathing, we changed and somehow, we ran out of pants as my sister used my last pair. I am clueless about why she did that as she had another clean pair with her. Apparently she needed to use it later. After some long arguing, mom finally asked me to wear hers instead. *I know this is weird. However this is what I dreamt* So I changed into it. After changing, I met some Malay man who nodded his head as I greeted him.

As I came out from the dirty and shabby looking washroom, I came to realise that my family was already packed and ready to go, when they saw me, they sped off and left without me. Boy I was scared then, I ran after but there was no hope of catching up. Somehow I decided to jogged further up the hill just to encounter the feeling of misery and sadness as my parents just left me behind.

On the way up, I encountered so many peculiar things. I remembered that I was to climb through a chicken loading area in order to get to a place. It was bloody and slimy but somehow I chose that path. When I was up the hill, I came to realise that they were having some night market. They were selling weird stuff like beef liver and smoked beef internal organs. I was running to the peak when suddenly I said to myself that I needed to head back to the hotel as my parents might be back for me.

Then on my way down, I was running and saw those roadside hawkers selling their beef products yet again. They were all Malays. Not one single Chinese in sight. Perhaps I was at some Malay village or something. So I went through everything again and lastly I met a woman whom I seek advice from and asked for wisdom. Somehow I did that although she was all old and dirty. Before I left, I shook her hands and did the Malay culture of “Salam”.

As I left the woman, I was to come out from where I first entered. The chicken loading area. I slide down a long slide where the chicken was delivered to the people up the mountain. They seemed secluded from the city folks as there was no proper exit apart from the weird chicken loading area. It had a couple of stories of chicken for their daily usage. As I slide down, many chicken parts followed me down. Once I reached the end, I decided to throw them back up to the hill as there’s a ledge so that the chicken won’t fall back down the long slide. After doing so, something came into my head and asked me to call a friend of mine. Why didn’t I think of that earlier?

So, that was another nightmare or a weird dream that haunted me yet again. Hopefully I won’t be haunted by them again and can sleep at a peaceful state. If not, I might need some help from Him. Well going back to sleep now...

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Justin Bieber - Baby ft. Ludacris

Time of My Life

It was the 4th of June. The highly anticipated and long awaited day finally arrives. It was my first time throwing a party and boy, I was damn excited about it. Only a few of my closest of friends were invited and it all summed up to 13 people. Not a good number huh? Lol!! Nah!! Not really bothered by that number though. Boy, all the waffles and I still haven’t let out the venue of the party yet. It was no other than Seoul Garden!!!

It was a Friday and as usual, it was a schooling day. Sigh... So as school dismisses, Roselynn and I went home together. Rose and I planned this a day ahead as she didn’t have any transport to Mahkota Parade. So she brought all her clothes and decided to change at my place. So after we all got ready, we left home and went to get Benji as he too had no transport there.

So when we were on our trip there, Benji caught a glimpse of Krisna as we passed by our school. He was invited to my party but earlier that day had told me that he wasn’t going to join us for lunch. Nevertheless, he was still coming. So we decided to give him a ride there too. Then I fetched my mom and soon, we reached our destination. We were the earliest there and we waited a little while for my friends to come.

It was 2 and there were only and handful there, so we decided to pay for those who were there first and began eating. There was 9 of them at first. They were Roselynn, Chia Yen, Shan, Benji, Wendy, Christine, Kaysha, Shyre May and myself. Not long after that, The 2 clowns came. Haha!! Kidding ya. Tristan and Pramod were the clowns. So I paid for them and we started hogging food down our belly. Boy, it sounds harsh. Haha!! Then came Krisna, he still insisted that he couldn’t join us as he had a tuition to attend. After some talks with him, He decided to join us.

So, we ate to our hearts content and I was happy to see smiles on my friends’ faces as Kris and Pramod managed to crack some jokes. Then when we were all filled to the brim and our stomach could no longer tolerate any food, Chia Yen and Shan served the cake they baked. Boy it was good. Thanks Chia Yen!!

After the serving of the cakes, Pramod, Kris, Kaysha and Christine had to make a move as they had something up later. Sigh... Wished they could stay put with us. Then, Chia Yen and Shan went to get ourselves some movie tickets to watch while the others and I went scouting a camera bag for Tristan. We didn’t tell Tristan about this and he was surprised and happy went the bag I supposedly bought for myself was actually intended for him.

Sadly, Tristan too left us. Sigh... So the 7 of us went round MP and played Daytona. I finally got my first win and I was so darn happy about it. Whee!!! A rookie winning a race, not bad at all!! Only Roselynn was with us as Chia Yen, Shyre May and Wendy went to their respectively places. After playing at the arcade, we went down to find the girls and waited for the time to fly as I movie was only to start at 7.15.

The movie that we watched was Shrek Forever After 3D. It was my first movie in 3D and I was enthusiastic about it. We got our 3D glasses from the counter and began watching the show. The movie was good and I was enjoying the whole time in the Cineplex. Love every moment there. After the movie, We managed to take some picture of us and we headed out. It was already 9 o’clock and Shyre May headed to her aunt’s place at Jonker Walk.

We continued walking and left the place at 9.45. It was getting late already. On our way home, Benji and I sang some Bee Gees song as my dad played the CD. It was funny and hilarious as Wendy and Roselynn was smilling and laughing at the back. We were crazy back then. Haha!!

As soon as I got back, I unwrap my present and saw many good gifts. Nevertheless I need not unwrap Benji’s and Wendy’s present as they made me choose a shoe from al-Ikhsan. Boy, the gift was awesome, not to mention costly too. An Adidas Originals shoes!! Then found out that Kaysha and Christine got me a Liverpool Adidas ball while Krisna, Pramod and Tristan got me t-shirts. The gift was wonderful and I love them all. Thank you to all who had made this day wonderful.

Thanks ma, for making this day a reality. Love you ma!!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Thanks For The Memories

The news just in and it’s true that Rafa Benitez’s 6 years reign as a Liverpool manager ended on today. To many, this could be good news as he struggled throughout the entire last season. Nevertheless, I somehow have faith in him but sadly, my words carry no weight in this type of matter. Well as for now we can wish all the best to him and let’s hope for a more reliable manager to lift Liverpool’s name up again.

Throughout his entire 6 years reign as a manager at Liverpool, je had brought home a couple of silverwares. I bet all of you can remember the remarkable comeback of Liverpool in the Champions League final at Istanbul. He managed to overturn the match as soon as Liverpool started the second half of the match. That shows he’s true potential and talent. His other honoraries are, the FA Cup and he managed to take Liverpool to another Champions League Final in year 2007 at Greece.

Many questions may arise due to his departure from Liverpool as the new manager is not elected yet. Even if anyone was elected, could he be a hit in his first year at Liverpool? Many will start wondering who will exit the club as the club is now manager-less at the moment. Sigh... Let’s hope Torres won’t be leaving. As you all can remember, when Rafa was first appointed as Liverpool manager, our most prolific striker, Michael Owen left the club. Let’s hope history won’t repeat itself as we wouldn’t want Torres to leave the club.

As for now, all Scousers can pray and hope for the best that could happen to Liverpool FC. Hope the new manager can bring in some stylish play and some star players.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Long Day In School

It was the eve to the last paper of the mid-year examination. As usual not many people were expected to turn up and guess what, only about 15 classmates came. Well what a pathetic attendance huh? Well I wish I could be like the rest who managed to skip school but sadly I was tied down to my general assembly duty and Adele won’t be coming to school again. Sigh...

So I did my usual duties and at last I became the MC of the assembly again. Off late, we had been recruiting some fresh talents which caused me not to become the MC. Sigh... Miss the job badly. Only one announcement for today though. Nevertheless, I was a little worried about my hair though as many people began to notice it.

After the assembly, we headed back to class. The class was dead. It was damn quiet. I was taken by surprise. Didn’t know my class will ever be that quiet. So Shan and I brought our camera and decided to take some pictures. Somehow, my camera seemed too basic and it wasn’t as interesting to play with it anymore. Sigh... I am waiting for my Canon 550D!!! Just a few more days till I get hold of it.

Then my Chemistry teacher came in and asked us to head down to the lab to discuss our Chemistry papers. I was satisfied with my results as I exceeded my own expectation for it. Something I don’t expect to get. So as teacher discussed about the papers, I managed to take some pictures. The class seemed long and teacher carried on discussing. Sigh...

Then I went back to class and found out that my Maths teacher wasn’t entering the class. So I took the opportunity to sleep as I was sleeping rather late these past few days. So I arranged the chairs and managed to make what seemed like a hard wooden bed for me. It wasn’t as bad as it looked but I managed to have a nap. Haha!!! Halfway through, it became quite hard to sleep as the boys were playing some rowdy game and they were loud. Boy, they were having fun.

After recess, I resumed sleeping and basically that was all I did throughout the whole day. Sigh... Then, my add maths teacher came in and I managed to get my add maths marks. I was more than satisfied about it and yea I was happy although I did some careless mistakes. However, I still think I did well!! Wheee!!! So that’s about it about this long and boring day in school...