Saturday, July 31, 2010

Ice Skating!!!

So finally I can start with my second part to my previous post. So coming to the second day of the trip, we woke up early and went roaming around the shopping complex. As usual I paid a visit to the Adidas Outlet there and scanned for any cheap clothes or any nice ones. Haha!! Ohh yea, I am also looking for an Adidas bag!!! So feel free to get me one. Haha!! Kidding!! Nevertheless, my roaming was cut short as we were already late to meet up at the lobby as we were supposed to head to KL at 11 but it’s already 11 then. Thankfully we packed our bags earlier and all we had to do is to grab them and hurried down.  Haha!! It was embarrassing...

After a few hours of journeying down to KL, we stopped by at Sunway Pyramid. Believe it or not, that it was my first time where. It was some huge shopping complex. So many different outlets and some were so unfamiliar to my eyes. Lol!! So we had our meal at Manhattan Fish Market. The food serve was moderately priced and the food was cooked to perfection. Yummy!! It was my first time having my meal there and it was definitely not my last time there. I will be back for more!! Haha!!

After the scrumptious meal, I went roaming and went to all sports outlets and finally I decided to go for ice skating. It was my first experience at it and I was rather nervous. The entrance fee was rather costly though. Nevertheless, it is not that often that I could have the opportunity to ice skate. Haha!! So I tried it out. Damn!! It was way harder that I thought it would be. It took me ages to master it and I also needed some help from some of my friends. Nevertheless, I managed to do well on my own too. It was fun towards the end as I got a hang of it. Haha!! However, I still had to pay full attention when I skate as I fell a couple of times... I still have some slight blue blacks on my knee...

After ice skating, we finally left and headed back to Malacca. Whee!! Home sweet home. I was kinda happy although it meant that my trip was over. Nevertheless, home was still the best for me!! So The trip was extremely awesome but I really did missed my Rose as I was unable to see her for 4 days in a row. Haha!! Nevertheless, I called her many times though. Whee!! So that’s all for this post and to end this, I have some final wishes that is I wish I could go for another trip like this next time. Preferably with you Rose.

Friday, July 30, 2010

The Start of Something New

A promising start to Liverpool campaign as they ease Rabotnicki by 2 goals courtesy from our French starlet, David N'Gog. Hopefully this good result can prolong until the end of the up coming season. YNWA!!!

Wow!!! I have the same boots as him!! Whee!!!
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At last, it’s the 26th of July!! The long waited day. Being the champs for sales of coupons and sales on Carnival Day on my school carnival held not too long prior to our trip to Genting Highlands, we were given the opportunity to have a field trip to Genting Highlands using the money we earned for the sales. Boy I couldn’t tell you how excited we were as it was our final year out with our friends.

So we gathered in school as early as 5.30 in the morning as the bus was to leave at 6 in the morning. We all were anxious about the trip and most of them were already telling one another what they would do once they reach their destinations. In the meantime, I made a new friend, David, who is Pn Mak’s  son. He was very chatty and not to mention cute too!!

So our journey there was nothing special as we just sat and watched Death Race and Despicable Me on our ride up. However, we celebrated Chia Cheak’s birthday at the highway stop. It was more of like a surprise party and I hope he was happy then. J Some of us slept while others waited eagerly to reach our destination. Halfway on our journey, we stopped by at some Strawberry Farm and went sight-seeing. The place was chilly and the environment was nice. We spent about half an hour there and soon enough, we were on our way to our destination!!

We arrived at First World Hotel at 12 and we were given the chance to roam around for a couple of minutes. Then, our tour guide brought us to the counter to get our entrance tag for all parks at the Theme Park. So we headed separated ways and soon enough, there were only 10 of us together. The rest of them went different routes and rides. So we went on the roller coasters and we did some go-carting and it was extremely fun as it was my first time doing activities like this. The roller coaster rides was damn fun but it was not as thrilling as expected. Nevertheless, I would love to go for more rides whenever I am given the opportunity.

Then at night, we had our dinner at Kenny Roger’s Roasters and the meal was awesome. We didn’t pay much as the bill was subsidised by Patricia as she had some coupons. Thanks Pat!! We owe you one!! However, it wasn’t enough and I eventually went and got my favourite coffee from Coffee Bean!!! Whee!!! My favourite J After that, we went to Snow World and we encountered snow. It was fake but it was very much like real snow I guess. It was chilly and nice. We managed to throw snow ball at each other and we really enjoyed ourselves. Whee!!!

As we left Snow World, we headed back to our rooms and bathed. We then went out again to enjoy the night life and we had our supper at McDonald’s. It was something I will always remembered as the waiter told my friend something really funny as it was my friend’s 5th time refilling his drink. He said this, “Kamu bawa botol untuk simpan air ke?” Lol!! Damn funny la!! Haha!! 

Then, we headed back to our rooms and decided to bully Tristan. It was so well planned. We planned to carry him and throw him in a room leaving him and one girl alone together. It was so fun as he struggled to get out of Shan’s and my hands as we carried him to the room. We trapped them in together for about 5 minutes and eventually let them lose. After doing so, we headed back to our rooms to sleep. Basically that was my first day at Genting Highlands!! It was hell of a fun J

Me and my favourite Coffee Bean!!!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Thank You Lord!!

Just want dedicate this post to all that had prayed hard for me so that I won’t be called for National Service. I am so glad that I am not chosen as it wasn’t my cup of tea. As I received the information about it, I jumped and fisted the air with joy and happiness. My dream came true. Lastly, special thanks to Mother Mary and God for answering my prayers and I solely dedicate this post to honour and worship them. Thank you
my LORD, my GOD. I love you all!! J

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Things Couldn't Get Any Better

When I hope things could get better, but it only got worse for me. I started the day fresh but a little fatigue as I had just recovered from my illness yesterday. Albeit I am still weak, I still managed to put a smile on my face. The whole day was good but as soon as recess time kicks in, things got worse. I received news that I was supposed to carry on with my prefects’ duty even after the AGM until the start of my SPM trials. It’s seriously crappy in my case as I really wanted to be like a normal student again as I had spent 5 years working my ass off and didn’t have the opportunity to be a normal student. I wonder what it was being a normal student. Ohh well, nevertheless we were given a choice whether to carry on with our duties or totally drop it as we retired. I said my word and stood firm on it but sadly, the rest didn’t have the guts to let out what they felt about it. I was totally disappointed by their move as they ended up complaining about it.

That thing basically ruined my day. Apart from that, the mounting homework was starting to make me worried as my homework never seemed to end and it kept on accumulating as the days goes by. I am so stressed out by the fact that I need to study at the same time doing my homework. Other than that, I was to sit for my National Chemistry Quiz on the next day. The worst part of it is that I haven’t been revising chemistry for some time now and I knew I am going to flop that quiz.

Well that was the story during school. Now to tuition session, I was late for tuition again and it’s seriously crappy to know that you will be missing someone and won’t be having a seat later in tuition. As a result, I was secluded from my friends today as I was sitting away from them with no one to talk to. How pathetic?? There goes my mood again. It took me another 1 hour or so to recover from that mood swing. Wonder what’s happening in my head. Nevertheless, I still managed to pay my fullest attention in class and absorbed as many information I could get.

As I returned home, I told my mom about the trip my class had planned as we won the most coupon sales and the most sales on Carnival Day. We had planned a visit to Genting Highlands with the money we received. Upon hearing that, my mom burst into anger as she found it ridiculous that we were about to skip 2 days of school for that trip. She then started about writing a letter to the principal saying this saying that. Boy, it really sucks to hear that. Imagine what it would do your own image in school. I hope she won’t do it. However, Rose managed to go through this tough time with me and thanks to her, I am back to myself again. Perhaps it just wasn’t an appropriate time to have an outing. So as for now, I am going to obey what my mom had to say as I can’t do anything against it.

Despite having my National Chemistry Quiz tomorrow, I am coming bothered about it as many isn’t prepared for it either. Guess I would be revising a little while more just for the sake of it...

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

La Furia Roja Wins The World Cup In Pictures

La Furia Roja finally laid their hands on the World Cup trophy as they beat Netherlands by one goal in extra-time to seal their victory. I am proud and happy that the team I supported from the start actually won the whole championship. Lets hope that Torres and Pepe can bring their success to Liverpool fc this season to end the long wait to win the Barclays Premier League. Here are some pictures as hey celebrated their victory back at Spain.
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My Confirmation, My Mission (Part 2)

Sorry for the long delay to the second instalment of my recent retreat at Good Shepherd Seminary. So the second day started with nothing extraordinary just plain simple. We washed up and had our breakfast. After our breakfast, we had a short talk with Brother Adrian Matthews from Seremban. He was there to help coordinate our confirmation retreat as he was Father Cyril’s closest buddy and had conducted this type of camps for some time now.

His session was interesting as he planned all our activities out and conducted the session with us with endorphin. Everyone was happy and enjoyed the talk as he taught us more about the Holy Spirit and the definitions of the Holy Trinity. He was damn awesome. The best of the best. Then we had our lunch. The food serve was as usual very delicious and massive. I am pretty sure that everyone at the camp never left the canteen with an empty stomach. All the parents prepared some good food as we learned more about god.

After lunch, we had some task to do. We are given questions and w are supposed to present it in front of our fellow friends. My group consisted of Keith, Grace, Teara and myself. My group managed to perform well and so did the rest of the groups. It was enjoyable and I can tell that everyone left the hall with a smile on their faces during the tea break. After the tea break, Adrian explained to us about the Gifts and Fruits of the Holy Spirit and he also gave us another assignment of creating a sketch based on the gift of the Holy Spirit that we are assigned to. My group was assigned modesty.

Then we attended a mass held at the chapel. Bishop Paul Tan was there to conduct it. The mass was as usual short and straight to the point. We sang our whole heartedly as we praised the Lord for everything. After that, it was dinner time, my family came as they were here to deliver their food. It was then I finally managed to see my mom as I didn’t see her for the past 2 days. We managed to exchange some words and soon enough, they left as my sister was hungry and wanted to get some food outside.

As soon as the dinner ended, my group members practised our sketch. We had some memorable laughs and it was fun to the max. I managed to crack some jokes to make the night even lively. Then we presented our sketch and we did well during our performance. I was the stand out performer as told $by my friends and I was so happy by that statement. Whee!! Then we watched some video where we were supposed to reflect ourselves. We had a couple of minutes doing so. When time was up, we headed back to our dormitory as it was passed 12 that night and everyone was drowsy.

As we were in our dormitory, we did many insane stuff and Julian came out with the idea of being a “Hantu Pocong” and started scaring everyone who were asleep. We also managed to put some toothpaste on our sleeping friends. That’s the negative effect of sleeping early. Lol!! The night was seriously fun and was filled with laughter. Unfortunately the night was due to end as everyone was feeling tired at some point and we all slept.

Then came the last day of the retreat, everyone was awaiting the moment as most of us were a little tired and wanted their mobile phones back. Adrian then had his final session with us as we bid farewell to him. His contribution was deeply appreciated by us as he taught us many news things. After that, we had our mass and soon after we had our meal. There was nothing interesting on the third day as we were looking forward to going home. We then burn our offerings off the mass as we offered it to God. At 4 in the evening, everyone gathered and said goodbye to each other as we left the memorable retreat which created a unity among us.

Monday, July 5, 2010

My Confirmation, My Mission (Part 1)

Looking back in time, I finally realised how fun was it to attend Catechism. Even though I have dreaded the whole thing for a couple of years, I will still cherish all the memories I have had throughout those years. This came to my senses when we attended the Confirmation Retreat held by the parents and the SFX church committee to give us the final preparations as we are just one week short from our confirmation.

The retreat was planned early April and I remembered the first thing that came to my mind upon listening to the news. Not another retreat?? So as time passed by, my faith and teachings of Christ our Lord had increased as I begin to pay more attention in church and placed God in the middle of everything.  The teachings seemed more interesting and meaningful as we approach the Sacrament of Confirmation.

So a week before the camp, I founded out that my school carnival was to be held on the same day. It was such a sad story. I would miss all the fun and my time with my sweetheart but instead, I was to attend some religious camp. I thought it was going to be a crappy one. However I was so wrong about it. It rotted me to the core for thinking of that way too.

The retreat was to commence on the 2nd of July 2010 at The Good Shepherd Seminary. I reached there at 3 along with Benji as he hitched a ride from me. We were down and solemn as we thought that this retreat would be boring. So we checked into our dormitory and chose our beds. Then the highlight of the retreat... We were to hand in our mobile phones. Boy oh boy. This was hard, Benji and I was reluctant to hand them in. Nevertheless, I suddenly decided to give in and surrender it. Sigh.. I managed to send my final text to my sweetheart though. That was all that matters.

Then we were to assemble in the conference room and begin our lessons. It wasn’t anything unorthodox as we were only referring to our text books.  After that session, we were assembled at the basketball court and played some game called Captainball.  It was something funny and definitely interesting. Well the game play is a little too long to explain though. The winner of each match was to throw flour at the losers. So we won once and lost once too which meant that we will experience both sides of the game.

We then attended mass as soon as we took our shower after the sweaty game. Then we stored food to our empty belly as we took our dinner. As the lesson ended, we were told that there was going to be a test for us. My God!! I certainly was not prepared for it. With all the little knowledge that I know, I managed to answer the most I could. I managed to achieve good results and I am glad that I managed to ace it. Phew...

After that, we were interviewed one after another by Uncle Paul. It was some tension rising moment and my miss feelings for Rose just mounted and simply added to the pressure. One after another, we were interviewed. Those who had been interviewed were to write an essay about Confirmation based questions. It was nervous moment and I was reminiscing about my sweetheart the whole time.

When it came to my turn, I asked for guidance from the Holy Spirit and with the power entrusted in me by the Holy Spirit, I managed to ace the interview as well. Yea. Thank you Holy Spirit. As I finished my essays, we had a short break and were called to bed. So we did obediently. As we were still hyper active after our supper, we stayed up quite late and played some games, freaked some people up at their sleep and managed to cam whore many crazy pictures. It was fun and extremely awesome and I really enjoyed the first day.

Well this is the first part of the retreat as I couldn’t afford to write the whole thing at one go as it would be rather long. As for my sweetheart, I really love you and miss you so much!!! <3

Sunday, July 4, 2010

New Manager, New Era

Finally the uncertainty at Anfiled eneded as Liverpool finally as Roy Hodgson put pen on paper to sign a 3 year deal keeping him as Liverpool manager until the 2013. Hope this is a good move and I personally hope that Liverpool could finally bring back the Premier League title. Here are some pictures of our new manager.

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