Monday, August 30, 2010

The New No. 4

Raul Meireles!! That's the new name that will be chanted during the next games at Anfield. Finally a player of caliber and has flair when on the pitch. Raul Meireles had been a great player and had performed brilliantly at South Africa for the Portuguese outfit. He also found the back of the net during the finals. He's good with the ball and can pick up passes. I am certain that our new No. 4 will performed well in the red jersey of Liverpool!!
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Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Short Recap Of The Past Month

Boy, it’s been some time since my previous post. I guessed I was too busy with school life that I neglected my once active blog. So lets have a short recap of what had happened recently. To start it off, the past weeks had been monotonous as nothing really interesting happened. I was caught up with exams and was having some meltdown. Damn it was like shit. And yea, my results didn’t turn out as good as it should be. There’s no one to blame though. I was at fault for not revising earlier. Sigh...

So looking at the calendar, it is already coming to the end of August and I have yet to start my intensive studying yet. I wonder where all my spirit of studying went? I had been damn lazy off late. Nevertheless I do study a little though because I can’t rest on my laurels just yet. I still have room for improvements and I am simply in a slump right now. I really do hope I will ace my trials which is looming closer. Boy, I hope I can get all my school syllabus covered by then. Fingers crossed.

So that’s about it then. I will be posting more blog post as soon as I am done with this exams. Rest assured, I think I will do well this time around. Cheers!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

The Answer To All My Worries

There was something, something real stupendous which was bugging me. And the worst of all I didn’t know what was it that cut me deep down inside. I was suffering like mad, no doubt about that. All troubled sleep, nightmares, insomnia and etc. I was going through hell. I had been suffering from this mild depression had lasted for at least 2 weeks. There wasn’t any genuine smile but it was just empty inside. All my happiness was usually short lifted as soon as stop doing something I enjoyed. Nevertheless, the time spent with Rose was loving and enjoyable. However when apart, I felt like as though all my happiness had been sucked out of me as if something was taunting me.

It was anxiety going through that and I certainly won’t want to get back on that path. So, finally I found the cure for all my miseries and pain. There were 4 of them who really helped me. The one that helped me most was no other than God himself. He helped me through it after some short prayers and reflection as I was searching deep for a peace of mine. He’s definitely the answers to all problems faced by us humans. All we have to do is pray and have faith in it.

Then, the following person that helped me too was the one who I will cherish in my entire life. Someone so loving and supportive even I had been really in a mess. She’s someone who never ceased to lend a helping hand and constantly pours love on you. Someone who makes you feel like number one.  She’s no other than Roselynn, my beloved. I will always remember the effort that she put in when I was troubled and boy, it was priceless. Thanks a lot dear.

Last but not least are my beloved parents. They are the best, simply awesome. They give me all sorts of mental support and guidance any parents would give their child. I am blessed to have parents like them and I won’t complaint any further about them. They had been with me through thick and thick and there wasn’t a way good enough than to express my sincere gratitude to them. I love them with all my heart. Love you pa and ma!!

Ohh well, that’s all for this post and I would once again like to express my deepest gratitude to those 4 people that I had mentioned earlier. They are simply priceless and irreplaceable in my life. I love them so much. And on top of that,  I have a tip to those who are facing similar problem, the answer to everything is just to pray and surrender everything to God our Father. Cheers!!