Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Paramore Live in KL!!!

19/10/2010 will be another day to be remembered. It was my second time to a concert. It was... It was Paramore Live in KL!!! Well I never actually thought of the concert at all as I wouldn’t wanna let my high hopes be dented. However everything made possible when my sister was the lucky caller through and won us 4 tickets thanks to

So the concert was freaking awesome as Paramore performed brilliantly and Hayley was very energetic throughout the entire concert as she constantly head-banged and jumped around throughout the entire.  She was a lively figure and I was truly entertained by her performance. It was simply marvellous.

The fans were loud too!! Damn loud. I also contributed some of the noise as I constantly screamed and shouted throughout the concert. I even said, “I love you Hayley Williams”. I was that hyper. Haha!! I was simply enjoying myself as I was jumping all the way throughout the concert. It was truly fantastic. Mind blowing!!

All this was made possible by my sister and I truly appreciate and would like to thank my sister for making it possible for me to witness the best concert ever!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Awesome Parties!!

The month of October. Boy. It's one hell of a busy month as most of our beloved friends were born on this month. Why I wonder? Hmm.... So many parties being thrown and I didn't miss one of them yet. Thankfully I didn't. It was simply marvelous. 

First up was Yang's birthday party at the Bukit Beruang Hill. The place was rather new to me but the party was simply to the max. Top class. Not a single second I was caught day dreaming cuz my mind was simply occupied with fun activities such as the volleyball, robot game and many more exciting games!! Ehem... Not to mention that my beloved BAOBEI was simply by my side all the time. It made everything even better. 

Then, it was Shyre May's party!! Not another one!! Boy I still haven't recover fully from my back strain. Haha!! Nah. I was actually looking forward to it as I knew it was gonna be a kicking party. One that no one will forget. However, many questions arise as to whether Shyre May's party could match Yang's party? If you ask me, I guess both the party are pretty awesome!! We also played a couple of games at May's party and rugby was one of the games that I really enjoyed playing. It was like no other. Water rugby. Woohoo!! Simply the best!!

Thankfully we can let ourselves loose for a moment as we ended the long haul of the torturing trials. The party really had notched up our spirits after the trials. I personally hope that we all would stick together like before when we head our separate ways after our high school graduation. Cheers!!