Thursday, October 27, 2011


Love is magical,

For it sees no bad but only goodness.

Love is everlasting,
Like the shine of the sun
Or the glimmer of the moon.

Love knows no limit,
But it knows when to let go,
For love always wants the best for the loved ones.

Love is never jealous,
But always in happiness,
For happiness starts from love.

Love is priceless,
One can’t buy or make it,
But one can only develop it.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My Special Post for My Sister ^ ^

Whee!! Finally I reached that milestone of 100 blog post!! This is certainly some achievement to me. However, it ain’t as great as my sister who attended her convocation yesterday as she had finished her degree in the psychology field. Words can’t express how proud am I of her but yea, first degree holder in my family, that’s big!! I’m sorry I wasn’t able to attend your big day. Damn my university schedule. But anyway, I will always support you ya jie jie. Good luck with pursue in Masters. I know you can do it. As far as I know, you never failed in accomplishing things that you’re interested in and you do it in style too!! Love you NANAPO!!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

New Semester!!

Tomorrow is the start of the new semester and seriously, I am not feeling any single significance regarding it. I don't know where it's a good or bad thing actually.Nevertheless, I guess that this semester will definitely be better than the previous one. Haha!! Just thinking optimistically actually. No harm thinking that way right? So yea, just a short update of my life in university. Oh yea, if you're reading this, here's the tip of the day, "If you focus on what's left behind, you'll never be able to see what lies ahead." ~Fact of Life~

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Captain Fantastic Is Back!!

Anfield is finally back to it's normal ways as our "Captain Fantastic" is back in action!! Hopefully he can make a difference and bring back those glory days to L4. Here's some pictures of our "Captain Fantastic", Steven Gerrard!! :))

My One Day Trip!!

Hello my dear readers!! Haha!! Well I just had a great trip to Taylor's Lakeside University yesterday as I met up with my beloved friends, Chia Yen, Benji, Ruishan and also Shin Yee!! It's my first time going there by bus and boy it was some long journey there. Just guess how long it took to reach there?! 3 hours mate.. Haha!! Long right?? But it was definitely worth it. We didn't do much but it was definitely fun as we spent time talking and swimming. I'll be looking forward to that day when I will be going back there to meet up with them again. Never mind the long journey, it is just so nice to meet up with all those familiar and friendly faces :))

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

It's A Uni Life!!

I know it’s been awhile since I posted anything on my beloved bloggie and now it’s time for some updates!! Well as you know I have started Semester 0 of my Foundation Studies just this July and now it has come to an end. Not literally end but it’s the end of Semester 0. All test and finals are over and Semester 1 looms closer. Damn fast right?? Yea, I thought so too. Everything seemed to fly by as I was so caught up with my varsity life. I gotta say that this is a good life. Now all I hope is that Semester 1 is gonna be jammed pack with fun and joy and yea, never gonna leave my foot off the pedal as I strive to get my degree. Till then, cheers to all my non-existence followers/readers. Haha!! If you’re there, feel free to comment. That way I know people are actually reading my blog. Haha!! Cheers!! :))

Monday, August 29, 2011

Rampant Reds!!

Well, it is times like this when you think Liverpool are back in contention to win the cup. It was a sheer class performance by the Reds as it was really a man against boy match on Saturday night which saw Liverpool brushing aside Bolton at Anfield 3-1 with goals coming from Jordan Henderson, Martin Skrtel and Charlie Adam. It was a fantastic performance and I hope and pray that Liverpool can continue this form till the end of the season :)) YNWA!!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

My University Life So Far...

It's been a month plus in university and everything is going pretty good :) The friends here are nice and they are friendly too :)) Well classes are alright just that I am having difficulties staying awake at times. I tried my best though but I still nod.. Haha!! Will look to improve on that though. And yea, boy, there's like test every single week. Imagine that!! I thought high school test was a lot. Haha!! So yea, that's about it for now. Nothing interesting yet. Lets' hope that towards the end of the semester, I can update you readers with more interesting stories. Till then, cheers people!! :))

Friday, August 5, 2011

The World Is Blinded by...?

It's been sometime and I am still puzzled about the songs that certain artist produce. It caught my mind that many songs nowadays contain many signs of illuminati in their music videos and songs. It's pretty obvious and weird but somehow it's becoming a hit. Take Lady Gaga as an example, JUDAS says it all. She actually wrote "I'm in love with JUDAS". Who in the right mind would say that? After all we know that he's the one that sold Jesus to the Romans for only 30 pieces of silver.. So yea, it's weird to still see people worshipping Gaga.. Is it because it got into them? I'm just puzzled.. What if one day everyone just got influenced by this sort of things? I'm just saying.. It's a point of view. Not a critic. So to all Gaga fans, it's not wrong to listen to her songs, they are somewhat catchy.. And somehow the songs keep playing in my head... *qlueless* (There are any other singers that I didn't mention)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

BFzzz :)

7 months had come and gone so fast and finally I get to meet my babe again. Well the outing wasn't planned but somehow I managed to get back from my university just in time to hang out with her for a day. Phew. Yea we didn't do much but it was nice having the chance to spend time with her. Hope you had fun too and good luck with your studies and all the best!! Thanks for everything especially the Tee you gave me. Thanks Babe!! Bfzzz :)

Crazier (The BEST)
Even crazier :)

A New Life

Three weeks had passed since I first stepped foot into university. I was pretty eager about it and life was good there. So far the friends there were awesome and had some quality futsal time with some of my colleagues too. The lectures are pretty good but sometimes they go a little too fast. I guess I have to adapt to it. Haha!! Anyway, it’s a good start to a new life and I know it will only be better. One thing I know is that I will get my Masters in Chemical Engineering at the end of my whole course. That’s my goal and I remain optimistic about it. IMPOSSIBLE is NOTHING!! ||| 

Liverpool Asia Tour 2011 *I WAS THERE*

It was the 16th of July and guess what? Yes you’re right. It’s the day when Liverpool first played on Malaysian soil. I was there!! Haha!! It was all thanks to my uncle who bought me a ticket and thanks to my parents for fetching me there. It was simply a memorable day as I first watched Liverpool play LIVE!! The game was awesome as the game ended 6-3 to Liverpool and to my amazement, Malaysia actually put up a show against Liverpool. They are very quick on the counter attack and good with free kicks too. Haha!! The atmosphere there was awesome and loud as we all sang the infamous “You’ll Never Walk Alone” anthem whenever Liverpool scored. However, there was unity in the crowd as we also cheered for our national side and that shows the spirit of patriotism to the country. It was nice to see that although I was hoping that Liverpool would actually thrash my country. Haha!! Well anyway, it was a fantastic day and it was definitely the time of my life!!

My uncle and I

Sunday, July 10, 2011

A New Face

Well the transfer season this summer still have no records of a huge signing but Liverpool had added another midfielder into their squad. He's no other than Charlie Adam. Liverpool had been tracking him since January and their hardwork paid of finally as he sealed a move to Anfield. Personally, I don't know why Liverpool need this many midfielders but this seems a good signing if he continues to play the same way he did last season for Blackpool. Here's some pictures of the new chap practising with the rest of the squad before their Asia Tour :)

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Family XD

Nearly a month had past since I last posted a post on my beloved bloggie and it's time to update. UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE.. Haha!! Well just yesterday, my family decided to throw for me a small party as I'm leaving for university this very Thursday *very soon, I know*. So mom, dad and sis prepared many scrumptious dishes starting off with my sister's simple yet special no.1 spaghetti and my dad's most awesome steak and chicken wings. Mmmm... So yummy *drooling* Well 5 of my closest friends *whom I hang out with always* Shin Yee, Benji, Shyre May, Alvin and Chia Cheak attended the party and boy it was nice to have them around especially when you know that you won't be meeting them that often anymore. Judging by the looks, I guess they really like that food served and yea.. if you guys want more, come during Christmas, it will only get better. I really hope you guys enjoyed yourselves and I will definitely miss you all... And yea, special tribute to my 5 friends.. Together we make a bunch of crazy, nerdy and weird family.. Haha!!


Chia Cheak>>


Shyre May>>

Shin Yee>>

& me>>

Here's our family portrait>>

Love you guys!!! <3

Friday, June 10, 2011

The New Kid On the Block

Here's the latest signing of Liverpool FC, Jordan Henderson. Hope he's worth the money as I had never seen him play before. However, he's still very young and can learn a lot from the Liverpool greats at L4. So I wish all this kid the best of luck. YNWA!!