Thursday, March 24, 2011

SPM Results Day!!

Yesterday was the release date of our SPM results and I bet everyone was anxious and nervous about it. Somehow, I didn't feel nervous but instead, I was looking forward to it. Finally I am done with High School for good. Good riddance... Haha!! So the event started at 10a.m and our principal had to keep us waiting till 11a.m and then he started the moment everyone is waiting for... *suspense music* So there were 20 successful student who obtained straight As in their SPM examination. I was praying hard that I was one of them albeit I didn't really put all my effort during the exams.. I just wanted it badly. Haha!!

So as the principal announced the results.. the possible candidates of getting straight As decreases and my name had yet to be called... Sarah, Ruishan, Tristan, Meera, Shyre May and many more had their names called but what about me? there were only 2 names left unread and there are so many top quality students that their names weren't called out yet. I thought there goes my chance of getting my dreams.. Then... My name was called to the fray and boy... I was over joyed, over the moon. Woohoo!! I was so relieved and I bet my parents were the happiest people at that particular moment.

So after the event, the candidates whom obtained straight As had a photoshoot. Boy we were a bunch of happy people. All sorts of various positons and everyone was smiling from ear to ear.. So that moment would always go down my memory lane of this perfect life.

Last but not least, I would like to thank all the teachers who had taught me well trhought my entire school life,  and lastly to my family, Benji and Rose who never cease to support me during my SPM and my school life. Thank you Ma, Pa and Nanapo for your continuing support in my entire life from the very first moment I step into this world. I hope I made you all proud.. Lover you all..

Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Red Devils Tamed By the Reds

A fanstastic performance by Liverpool as they see off their arch rivals Manchester United with style as they won 3-1 at Anfield. A hat-trick from Dirk Kuyt and a sublime performance by Luis Suarez sealed the victory for the Reds. Lets hope Liverpool carry on this superb performance for the oncoming games. Here are some pictures from Anfield.