Sunday, July 24, 2011

BFzzz :)

7 months had come and gone so fast and finally I get to meet my babe again. Well the outing wasn't planned but somehow I managed to get back from my university just in time to hang out with her for a day. Phew. Yea we didn't do much but it was nice having the chance to spend time with her. Hope you had fun too and good luck with your studies and all the best!! Thanks for everything especially the Tee you gave me. Thanks Babe!! Bfzzz :)

Crazier (The BEST)
Even crazier :)

A New Life

Three weeks had passed since I first stepped foot into university. I was pretty eager about it and life was good there. So far the friends there were awesome and had some quality futsal time with some of my colleagues too. The lectures are pretty good but sometimes they go a little too fast. I guess I have to adapt to it. Haha!! Anyway, it’s a good start to a new life and I know it will only be better. One thing I know is that I will get my Masters in Chemical Engineering at the end of my whole course. That’s my goal and I remain optimistic about it. IMPOSSIBLE is NOTHING!! ||| 

Liverpool Asia Tour 2011 *I WAS THERE*

It was the 16th of July and guess what? Yes you’re right. It’s the day when Liverpool first played on Malaysian soil. I was there!! Haha!! It was all thanks to my uncle who bought me a ticket and thanks to my parents for fetching me there. It was simply a memorable day as I first watched Liverpool play LIVE!! The game was awesome as the game ended 6-3 to Liverpool and to my amazement, Malaysia actually put up a show against Liverpool. They are very quick on the counter attack and good with free kicks too. Haha!! The atmosphere there was awesome and loud as we all sang the infamous “You’ll Never Walk Alone” anthem whenever Liverpool scored. However, there was unity in the crowd as we also cheered for our national side and that shows the spirit of patriotism to the country. It was nice to see that although I was hoping that Liverpool would actually thrash my country. Haha!! Well anyway, it was a fantastic day and it was definitely the time of my life!!

My uncle and I

Sunday, July 10, 2011

A New Face

Well the transfer season this summer still have no records of a huge signing but Liverpool had added another midfielder into their squad. He's no other than Charlie Adam. Liverpool had been tracking him since January and their hardwork paid of finally as he sealed a move to Anfield. Personally, I don't know why Liverpool need this many midfielders but this seems a good signing if he continues to play the same way he did last season for Blackpool. Here's some pictures of the new chap practising with the rest of the squad before their Asia Tour :)

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Family XD

Nearly a month had past since I last posted a post on my beloved bloggie and it's time to update. UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE.. Haha!! Well just yesterday, my family decided to throw for me a small party as I'm leaving for university this very Thursday *very soon, I know*. So mom, dad and sis prepared many scrumptious dishes starting off with my sister's simple yet special no.1 spaghetti and my dad's most awesome steak and chicken wings. Mmmm... So yummy *drooling* Well 5 of my closest friends *whom I hang out with always* Shin Yee, Benji, Shyre May, Alvin and Chia Cheak attended the party and boy it was nice to have them around especially when you know that you won't be meeting them that often anymore. Judging by the looks, I guess they really like that food served and yea.. if you guys want more, come during Christmas, it will only get better. I really hope you guys enjoyed yourselves and I will definitely miss you all... And yea, special tribute to my 5 friends.. Together we make a bunch of crazy, nerdy and weird family.. Haha!!


Chia Cheak>>


Shyre May>>

Shin Yee>>

& me>>

Here's our family portrait>>

Love you guys!!! <3