Monday, August 29, 2011

Rampant Reds!!

Well, it is times like this when you think Liverpool are back in contention to win the cup. It was a sheer class performance by the Reds as it was really a man against boy match on Saturday night which saw Liverpool brushing aside Bolton at Anfield 3-1 with goals coming from Jordan Henderson, Martin Skrtel and Charlie Adam. It was a fantastic performance and I hope and pray that Liverpool can continue this form till the end of the season :)) YNWA!!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

My University Life So Far...

It's been a month plus in university and everything is going pretty good :) The friends here are nice and they are friendly too :)) Well classes are alright just that I am having difficulties staying awake at times. I tried my best though but I still nod.. Haha!! Will look to improve on that though. And yea, boy, there's like test every single week. Imagine that!! I thought high school test was a lot. Haha!! So yea, that's about it for now. Nothing interesting yet. Lets' hope that towards the end of the semester, I can update you readers with more interesting stories. Till then, cheers people!! :))

Friday, August 5, 2011

The World Is Blinded by...?

It's been sometime and I am still puzzled about the songs that certain artist produce. It caught my mind that many songs nowadays contain many signs of illuminati in their music videos and songs. It's pretty obvious and weird but somehow it's becoming a hit. Take Lady Gaga as an example, JUDAS says it all. She actually wrote "I'm in love with JUDAS". Who in the right mind would say that? After all we know that he's the one that sold Jesus to the Romans for only 30 pieces of silver.. So yea, it's weird to still see people worshipping Gaga.. Is it because it got into them? I'm just puzzled.. What if one day everyone just got influenced by this sort of things? I'm just saying.. It's a point of view. Not a critic. So to all Gaga fans, it's not wrong to listen to her songs, they are somewhat catchy.. And somehow the songs keep playing in my head... *qlueless* (There are any other singers that I didn't mention)