Tuesday, January 3, 2012


It's been 5 months or so since I enrolled into my university and here's a short summary of what I felt throughout that time. It's the first time I feel so stupid in life (Apart from taking part in the Olympiad Maths). Knowing so little and everything seems so difficult. Sigh. It's so horrible. No matter how hard I tried, I definitely can't understand something. Damn!! I can only hope the future will be easier. Feels like giving up. But I can't let anyone down, not myself too. I know I can do it, but where have all the confidence in me had gone? Lost? I hope I can gain it again.... *storyofabrokenstudent*

P.S. IMO, SPM is just a lie. No matter how good your results may be, it not necessarily help you in the end. It does not apply to everyone though..

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