Wednesday, December 5, 2012

My Life So Far....

It’s been a long time since I last wrote my last entry and a lot of things had happened between the periods meaning it’s time for an update. Actually, thanks to a very close friend of mine, I’m actually deciding to update my blog. So thank you for the push. Haha!! 

I’ve started my 1st year degree in Chemical Engineering. Everything is good as all the lectures were of right pace and the lecturers were fairly good except for our Introductory Chemistry course. He was simply… (Describe bad in your own words).I’ve learned many new things and yeah, it was pretty interesting although all we do are calculations. 

Other than that, my Catholic Society in university is flourishing as well. Praise the Lord!! Haha!! Well more members had signed up during this semester and the receptions of the members were pretty positive. It’s a major difference compared to the year before as our weekly gathering didn’t manage to attract that many members back then. On top of that, we will be having an activity that is to climb Broga Hill. Not bad eh? Haha!! Finally there’s some life to this society. Haha!!

On a personal side of my life, things had been every good and I think I’m finally over her. Well it took some time but I’m glad that she will no longer affect my life. However, the memories will always be treasured. My anger management had also improved. Like they say, “Patience is a virtue”. So yeah, I’ve been pretty patient lately. Phew… In short, life has been good. Praise the Lord!!

For the future, I can’t wait to head back to celebrate Christmas with my family!! Christmas is probably the happiest moment of the year..

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